'The Office' Cast and Their Favorite Foods

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Ever wonder what some of the actors on "The Office" eat? What are their favorite foods? After all, if they are anything like their characters, there could be some interesting items going into their bellies.

Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson)

One would think that if Rainn Wilson is anything like Dwight, he would drink beet juice, think fly wings are a delicacy and hunt for his own meat in his own backyard. According to "Twitter," Wilson, however, is a big fan of Del Taco, although he cursed his love for the food in his tweet. In an interview with Delish.Com regarding who he'd like to dine with, he mentions some faves such as grilled pizza, sesame noodles and pancakes.

Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling)

Although Michael Scott would tell you that Kelly (and Mindy) would eat banana roti and punjabe chole, (because his polite, political incorrectness would get the better of him), Mindy is actually originally from Boston, which is known for lobster roll, white clam chowder, and pizza. A far cry from that traditional Indian food. Sorry Michael!

Andy Bernard (Ed Helms)

Andy Bernard was born into a wealthy, classy family that has gatherings at their weekend home with tea and crumpets and cucumber sandwiches. Helms, when interviewed by Bon Appetit, mentioned that he is fond of sauteed shrimp, (that's something Andy would bite into,) and Southern boiled peanuts, which also matches Andy's down home, casually sophisticated personality.

Pam Beesly Halpert (Jenna Fischer)

Pam is that down to earth, girl-next-door type who most likely eats grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread with a smile, enjoys a fluffer-nutter (peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich) now and then, spaghetti and meatballs, and grandma's chicken noodle soup. Her character exudes comfort, but is that how Fischer eats in real life? According to a Women's Health interview a few years ago, Fischer enjoys airplane food. That does seem Pam-ish, but I suppose it depends on the flight, what "class" you are sitting in, and if the plane even serves a meal because many don't anymore. Fischer also mentions she loves the buttered popcorn at the movie theater, which is also very much like Pam Beesly Halpert, and a favorite of many.

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