From 'The Office' to 'Downton Abbey': TV’s least believable romantic couples

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TV fans tune in to their favorite shows each week, because they care about the relationships between their favorite characters. But while romance is the TV fan's bread and butter, there are some shows out there where the couplings are more fizzle than sizzle. Here are some examples of some of TV's least believable romantic pairings.

Andy and Erin, "The Office"

The American version of "The Office" has really struggled to find a romantic pairing that captivates viewers as much as Jim and Pam did in the show's early seasons. One of the hardest relationships for fans to get invested in has been the Andy and Erin coupling. The main reason: The relationship (and the characters, for that matter) hasn't been written consistently over the past five years. Especially considering that Andy has been gone for a huge chunk of this season after making a big romantic gesture at the end of last season, it's hard for fans to care what happens to Andy. Equally hard to do is trying to see what Erin ever saw in Andy in the first place.

Aria and Fitz, "Pretty Little Liars"

All of the other girls have had at least two romantic partners over the past three seasons, while Aria has only had eyes for Fitz. And while it is easy for fans to see that Aria and Fitz have a physical chemistry, it is much harder to see the mental and emotional connection between the two. Given how much they have both sacrificed over the past three years in order to stay together, it is clear that the two are very much in love. But for some fans, understanding why they are in love is really hard, because it has never been clearly stated (beyond a shared love of the literary arts). Even the relationship between Melissa and Garrett is easier to understand.

Sybil and Branson, "Downton Abbey"

Sybil and Branson got together over the course of the show's second season, but the relationship seemed really rushed. While Anna and Bates have sweet chemistry, and Mary and Matthew's tumultuous romance makes sense, the romance between Sybil and Branson never really clicked. There were a few brief meetings in the garage, to be sure, but the physical distance was the least of the couple's problems. While Branson belittled her nursing work, Sybil would stare off into space and look tormented during stilted voice-over scenes. Their barely there chemistry was full of drama but lacked depth. It's not a real romance if viewers have to be told, and not shown, that two characters are in love. The development of their love for one another was simply too rushed to be believable.
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