'The Office' episode 9.09 recap: A very Dwight Christmas

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Throughout its long run, Christmas episodes have always been strong for "The Office." This was the final Christmas show, and it was only fitting that Dwight got to be in charge of the office party. His traditional Christmas ideas were unlike any others in sitcom Christmas-episode history. It was a perfect way to celebrate one last holiday with "The Office." Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Dwight Christmas."

Dwight does Christmas

Everyone forgets about the Christmas party, and Angela refuses to accept the blame. After a series of angry comments, Dwight suggests an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. Everyone is resistant, but Pam rallies the party planning committee to get on board. She tells Dwight that there are no rules as far as organizing the event, and he and Jim are both excited about that. Dwight carries out several strange traditions, including the reading of a German poem. He also dresses up like a furry version of Santa Claus. Before giving out gifts, Dwight must decide if everyone is "impish or admirable." After deciding that people like Jim and Oscar are impish, he beats them with a stick.

Eventually, Dwight ends his party when he sees Jim get in a cab and head out for his job in Philadelphia. The office ends up organizing a traditional party at the last minute, and everyone seems to be having a good time. Pam and Dwight are talking about his party, and Jim returns to the office. A happy Dwight decides to merge his Christmas idea with the current party, turning it into a huge success.

Darryl gets angry

Jim is about to head to Philadelphia for the first day of his new job. However, Darryl is upset because Jim seems to have forgotten him. Two months earlier, Jim had promised to take Darryl with him, but he hasn't said anything ever since. Meanwhile, Darryl is getting increasingly angry that Jim is leaving him behind. On top of that, he's getting drunk on the holiday punch. He's just about to confront Jim but stops when he learns that Jim has scheduled an interview for him. Darryl is relieved that his buddy didn't him after all.

Erin and Pete bond

Pete makes a reference to the movie "Die Hard," but it's lost on her. She's never seen the movie, and Pete is shocked over it. He says that he knows every line to the movie, and Erin challenges him to recite the whole thing. As Pete does his thing, Erin gets a message from Andy. He's returned from his trip, but he's planning to take more time to reflect on his own life. An angry Erin returns to Pete and insists that the two watch the movie together. As they watch the movie, Erin starts to cry about her situation with Andy. Pete comforts her by putting his arm around her, and she seems to like it.
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