'The Office' recap: Couples drama in full swing

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With "The Office" now two episodes into its final season, things are starting to happen happen. Two of the show's most prominent relationships seem to be going through some tough times. While Jim and Pam are coming to terms with the fact that their lives are a little stale, Andy looks like he might lose Erin to one of the new employees.

While the comedy included the storyline of Nellie trying to get Dwight to see the dangers of living under Taliban law, the bulk of the episode dealt with the couples and planted the seeds for some potential conflict. It will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks ahead. Here is a recap of the latest episode of "The Office."

Jim and Pam are in a funk

Jim and Pam are faced with the uncomfortable prospect of going to Roy's wedding. Jim makes a couple of references to the fact that attending the wedding of his wife's former fiancée is not exactly normal, especially when you consider that it's early in the morning on a weekday. The wedding is at Roy's house, and Jim is surprised by how nice it is. As it turns out, Roy started a gravel company and has made a nice fortune. When Jim thanks him for inviting them, Roy mentions that he wouldn't have met his new bride if it weren't for them. He asks Jim what he's been up to, and Jim vaguely mentions that he has some things in the works.

Pam has also observed changes in Roy, and that makes her wonder if she and Jim have no more surprises. She tries to reveal several secrets, but Jim already knows them. To further experiment, she stages a newlywed-style game show with the office staff. Once again, Jim knows her answers to everything. She begs Jim to tell her something she doesn't know, but he still won't mention his new business venture. Meanwhile, he takes a shady phone call out in the hallway, and Pam starts to wonder what he has going on in his life.

Will Andy lose Erin?

New guy Clark seems to really like Erin, and he stages an elaborate ploy to get a date with her. He invites her over to audition for a news show and mentions that he will be filming her in various outfits. Of course, Erin is clueless to the fact that he is hitting on her. As it turns out, Andy is clueless, as well. When he learns about Clark's plan, he offers his credit card for Erin to buy clothes. He also uses a staff meeting to help Erin prepare for her audition. The other new guy, Pete, attempts to spoil Clark's plan by tricking Andy into thinking he should audition with Erin. The plan works, and the two show up at Clark's apartment with Erin. During the audition, Andy sends Pete and Erin out to get a hamburger while he works on his camera sense. It looks like those two have major chemistry, and that could spell the end of Andy and Erin as a couple.
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