'The Office' will reveal documentary in final episodes: Three things fans can hope for

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Fans of "The Office" have a lot to look forward to in the show's final season, but the biggest reveal might be the airing of the documentary that has served as an ongoing plot device since the show began. According to actor Rainn Wilson, "The Office" characters will all get to see a screening of the documentary as the series comes to an end. "Part of the ending is going to be not only resolving the characters and what's happening in their lives," said Wilson, "but the showing of the airing of the documentary on 'The Office,' and showing what effect that has on the characters. That's going to happen over the course of the last six or eight episodes." That's going to be a lot of fun for loyal viewers of this sitcom, and there are plenty of possibilities that could come out of it. Here are a few exciting results that could happen when the documentary is revealed.

The reactions to the "talking heads"

Throughout the series, characters have given a wide range of "talking head" interviews to the camera crew. In many cases, they had less than flattering things to say about their co-workers. Finally, we'll know how they all react to hearing the negative things that were said about them. Think about all of the comments that Dwight has said about his co-workers. What about the things that Jim and Pam said about each other before they became a couple? Tension is sure to arise.

It's a great way to relive the past

Instead of a traditional clip show, the idea of showing the documentary is a perfect way to relive and celebrate past episodes. It's creative, and it allows for some original material. Just picture how some of "The Office" characters will react to seeing themselves in segments that were filmed eight years ago. The idea that it will play out over multiple episodes makes things that much better because there won't be a need to rush. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better way to honor the history of this long-running series.

Familiar faces could return

Obviously, the biggest name that fans want to see again is Steve Carell. He hasn't appeared on the show since leaving near the end of the seventh season. However, the airing of the documentary provides a logical point of return for Michael Scott. Odds are that the producers will do their best to keep his appearance under wraps, but that just gives fans something to look forward to as the show winds down. If nothing else, everyone will get to see Michael through the flashbacks. Meanwhile, other past characters could also return to view the documentary. It would be smart if the writers and producers provide fans with a scene of past characters reacting to the documentary's release. It's a fitting way to remember all of those great actors who contributed to the laughter over the years.
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