'The Office' Says Goodbye to Steve Carell and Hello to Jim Carrey

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Anyone who watched the last episode of "The Office" that said farewell to Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, also likely stayed tune long enough to see the teaser at the end of the show which promoted a whole host of starts who will be 'interviewing' for the sales manager position at the Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch; most notably Jim Carrey. While Will Ferrell is currently the man in charge, the teaser at the end also alluded to the fact that he would not be around much longer, which everyone pretty much expected.

Along with Jim Carrey, guest start interviewing will consist of Ricky Gervais, Ray Romano, James Spader, Will Arnett and Catherine Tate. This is all supposed to culminate in a season finale that will not soon be forgotten. While all have notable acting careers and have each done their time on television, it seems that Jim Carrey may be the best fit. His comedic timing and his ability to ad-lib with the best of them, make him an absolutely perfect match for the existing cast. However, don't expect him to stay on full-time.

If anything, fans may be treated to yet another transitional period which may see Jim Carrey on the show for a number of episodes, similar to what they are seeing now with Will Ferrell. While Jim Carrey did indeed get his start in television with the hit series, "In Living Color," he has since blossomed into one the most highly acclaimed comedic actors of all time, making his mark with such films as "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective" and "The Mask." So, it is doubtful that he would come back to television full-time, but then again, stranger things have happened.

This is of course all pure speculation and nobody really knows how this whole transition away from Michael Scott will go. But there is one thing that the producers of the show do know; they need to keep the fans interested. With the lineup of special guests that "The Office" has coming onboard, even if only for a little bit, they seem to be getting off to a great start.

So keep hoping and dreaming for a permanent stay by Jim Carrey "Office" fans. While it may not happen the way everyone wants it to happen, the fact is that he will at least grace the show for one episode, and who knows, possibly more. All fans can do at this point is hold their breath and wait with great anticipation to see how the whole thing will shake out; with or without Jim Carrey.

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