From 'The Office' to 'Stargate SG-1': TV characters with comically large appetites

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Whether they are fat or thin, we can't help laughing when our favorite TV characters are seen eating a comically huge pile of food. There's just something funny about seeing someone eat massive amounts of food that no human being could actually handle in real life. Here are some great examples of TV characters who are hilariously gluttonous.

Dwight and Michael, "The Office"

You'd think that Kevin would be the big eater on the show, but Dwight and Michael are shown eating large meals more often. While Kevin has a weakness for desk candy, Michael has been known to eat an entire family-size chicken pot pie for lunch. And when he goes out to dinner, Michael often orders multiple entrees. Likewise, Dwight was seen ordering enough food for two people during his lunch with Jan (and all the food was for him)!

Alex Russo, "The Wizards of Waverly Place"

This Disney Channel favorite featured Alex Russo, who had parents that ran a sandwich shop. Alex was constantly seen eating leftover food, other people's orders, or just shotgunning condiments into her mouth. Her locker at school always had a weird assortment of food in it, from pizza to milkshakes to popcorn.

Ron Swanson, "Parks and Rec"

It's not that he's a glutton; he's just a manly kind of man with a manly kind of appetite. Ron eats turkey burgers, which to him, are regular burgers stuffed with an entire turkey leg. On a trip to Indianapolis, Ron found that his favorite restaurant had closed. He decided to drown all his sorrows at a diner. He ordered "All the bacon and eggs" the diner had, and explained to the waiter that he meant his order literally.

Leslie Knope also deserves an honorable mention. She has a major sweet tooth and eats positively ludicrous amounts of whipped cream whenever she can get away with it. She also spent over $1,000 in one year on waffles from her favorite diner.

The SG-1 Team, "Stargate SG-1"

In one infamous episode, the team is struck with a hilariously terrible problem: An alien device causes the team to have extremely heightened metabolisms. They go out to a diner for a "snack," and Jack orders three steaks. The waitress walks away thinking that is the order for the whole table, but Jack calls her back. Jack wants three steaks all to himself. Daniel orders the same thing, as does Carter, who also orders a Diet Coke.

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