Older Actresses Making a Big Splash on the Small Screen

Cybill Shepherd is currently playing Jennifer Love Hewitt's mother on the Lifetime drama "The Client List." The first season ended on Sunday, June 17, but the series will return in 2013. At 62, Shepherd joins the ranks of a group of older actresses currently making a splash on the small screen.

Cybill Shepherd, 62

Cybill Shepherd made a name for herself first as a model and then in films like "The Last Picture Show." But with the '80s series "Moonlighting," she became a favorite with TV viewers. These days nothing seems to slow her down. In a recent conference call interview she stated, "Women are like fine wine, the older we get, the better we are."

She continued, "One of the most difficult things for women as we age is learning to love ourselves past a certain age, because most of the time we get really down on ourselves because we're changing. But we still have the opportunity to grow and to keep our eyes on the prize, to remember that beauty is what you do in life. It's not how you look."


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Jessica Lange, 63

Jessica Lange burst onto the scene in 1976 in the remake of "King Kong." A serious film career followed as did six Oscar nods and two wins for "Blue Sky" and "Tootsie." But apart from a few well chosen made-for-TV movies, including "Grey Gardens" and "Normal," Lange stayed away from the small screen. That was until Ryan Murphy cast her on this year's hit "American Horror Story" playing the crazy but alluring Constance Langdon. She will return for Season 2 of the series this time portraying the director of an institution for the criminally insane, a role sure to garner more awards and accolades for the actress.

Wendie Malick, 61

Wendie Malick starred on the HBO series "Dream On" for six years before coming into the mainstream consciousness playing Nina van Horn on the sitcom "Just Shoot Me." These days Malick has hit gold again with "Hot in Cleveland" playing Victoria Chase, the actress who has moved to Cleveland with her friends, played by Valerie Bertinelli and Jane Leeves, because they find they are hotter in the midwestern town than they are in the age-centric city of Los Angeles. Season 3 of the series just ended and a fourth will premiere in December 2012.


Linda Gray, 77

Linda Gray is currently recreating the role the made her famous, Sue Ellen Ewing, in the reboot of "Dallas," which premiered on June 13. She joins fellow alum Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy along with current stars Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe. Although her part in the series opener was small, in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, she promised there will be plenty of twists and turns for Sue Ellen.

Watch "Dallas" on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST on TNT. And tune in to the series premiere of "The Newsroom" on June 24 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST on HBO.


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Jane Fonda, 74

At the age of 74, Jane Fonda is hotter than ever. She recently wowed fans at Cannes in a black and white silhouette enhancing dress and a tight-fitting bronze shimmering gown. In 2010 she also released a new set of workout tapes and books for the senior set. In an interview at that time she talked about why she wanted to do something for the older age group. "It's about how you go through life and reach the last third of your life with peace and calm and poise and happiness and a sense of well being." Watch for Fonda on the new HBO series "The Newsroom" when it premieres on June 24.

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