‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ recap and review: Kelsey Grammer opens up about highs and lows

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Has Kelsey Grammer finally found his happy ending?

It certainly seems so, after his recent chat with Oprah Winfrey. In one of the most revealing "Oprah's Next Chapter" interviews to date, actor Kelsey Grammer sat down with Winfrey for a no-holds-barred chat about his career and personal life. And while he has endured plenty of tragedy, his career and new life have given him hope.

Personal tragedy

The 57-year-old actor told Oprah about some of the horrific events that shaped his youth. In addition to the tragic and early deaths of his father and grandfather, the actor's teen sister, Karen, was brutally raped and murdered in 1975. A few years later, his twin half-brothers died in a freak scuba accident. Grammer read part of a letter that he wrote to the parole board when his sister's killer was up for parole. In it he said: "I loved my sister, Karen. I miss her. I miss her in my bones. I was her big brother. I was supposed to protect her -- I could not. I have never gotten over it. I was supposed to save her. I could not. It very nearly destroyed me." Karen Grammer's killer, Freddie Glen, was denied parole in 2009.

Career highs and lows

Grammer talked about the massive popularity of his legendary sitcom character, Frasier Crane. While he played the character for a record-breaking 20 years, a few failed subsequent sitcom attempts gave his ego a bruising. He found his new niche in a dramatic role on the Starz series "Boss." Although his work on the series has been critically acclaimed and nabbed him a Golden Globe, he was snubbed by Emmy voters. Grammer told Oprah that many consider "Boss" the best work of his career, and the smitten Queen of Talk raved, "I have watched every episode of 'Boss.' And you are so frickin' amazing." While he said he was disappointed by the snub, Oprah seemed even more irate. "I'm still pissed off you didn't get an Emmy nomination," she said. "I'm more pissed than you are!"

An ex-wife he won't mention by name

His bitter divorce from ex-wife Camille has been tabloid fodder, but things are so bad that he wouldn't even mention her name on camera. (Pictures of Camille and her kids with Grammer, Mason and Jude, were not permitted to be shown during the interview.) After saying his marriage was "over before it started," Kelsey discussed helping his ex-wife land a role on the Bravo reality series, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." "She always wanted to be famous," he said. "I did believe that I owed something to that person…because she'd given up so much to endure this horrible life she had with me." (Insert sarcasm here.) Camille later said that her ex liked to dabble in cross dressing, an accusation Grammer denied. "I do not live to cross dress," he told Oprah, although he admitted, "I have been sexually adventurous."

His new life

His new wife, 32-year-old Kayte, admitted she's not proud of the way she and Grammer started out (he was still married to Camille when they met). Still, the new couple managed to weather the tabloid storm of their early days. Grammer said his kids were told to "think and feel" a certain way about Kayte, but that they're smart enough to realize that they like her. Of the couple's newborn baby (Faith Evangeline Elisa was born in July), Grammer said it was "awkward" to discuss the loss of Faith's twin brother, who died in utero. "We had to do a reduction. It wasn't an easy decision, but we had to do it to save Faith," Kayte said, while Grammer called his unborn son "a little hero."

In the end, the actor who has endured so much loss in his life seemed hopeful for the future.

"We have a love that I think can survive just about anything," he said. "And Kayte's willingness to try is…breathtaking."

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