Oreo's cookies or cream debate is sparked in Super Bowl ad [Video]

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What's better, the cream or the cookie? That's up for debate, but one place you shouldn't debate it is in the library! The 2013 Super Bowl featured some funny ads, but one that is still getting a lot of whispers is the Oreo ad that featured a "whisper" fight over the classic cookie's best side.

Hey, cookies and cream are serious business, hence the chair tossing and balcony breaking that busts out in the spot. Even the cops can't stop this library riot between two cookie lovers, which is a shame because there's really no debate here. Has anyone ever really chosen the cookie side?

Social media is playing a big part in this commercials's popularity too, because Oreo lovers can choose their favorite side on Instagram @Oreo. According to Mashable, before the commercial aired, Oreo's Instagram had around 2,200 followers and now it has past the 30,000 mark.

All we need now is some milk!

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