OWN rings in 2013 with a programming block about saving (and winning) money

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Oprah Winfrey has taught fans a lot over the years, but following the 2011 end of her 25-year talk show, her money-saving tips have been a glaring omission from our lives. While Suze Orman nabbed a show on Oprah's new television network -- complete with a chance for a viewer to win $50,000 on "America's Money Class"-- there's been little else for the frugal fans of OWN.

We've missed Jean Chatzky hounding debt-ridden families, and Dave Bach and his Latte Factor charts. And while Oprah has found a way to creep celeb interviews back into our lives even without a daily talk show ("Oprah's Next Chapter," anyone?), we've still been pining away for her Debt Diet series and other stories of families getting back on track financially.

Well, say hello to 2013! Two years after its kickoff, Oprah's OWN network is back with "Money-Saving Wednesdays," and the lineup includes two shows about, well, saving money, of course. Perfect timing with all those holiday credit card bills about to roll in.

Starting Jan. 2, OWN brings a block of shows that feature expert savers and their tips on couponing, entertaining on a budget, and the all-important extreme sweepstaking. (Because who says only couponers can be extreme?)

"Super Saver Showdown" returns with new episodes

First up, it's the return of "Super Saver Showdown." This competition series debuted last summer but packaged as a "Money-Saving Wednesday" show, it's sure to earn even more viewers.

Reality series are a dime a dozen, but when you have obsessed bargain hunters battling it out over coupons, DIY projects, and budget party planning, you've got several shows rolled into one. Think of it as one-stop reality TV shopping.

And move over, Drew Carey! The game show element of this show sends winners home with free groceries and a top prize of $10,000. Hosted by HGTV alum Kristan Cunningham, new episodes of this series debut on Jan. 2.

"Sweepstakers" delves into the competitive world of extreme sweepstaking

Who knew? While extreme couponing gets all the buzz (heck, even Honey Boo Boo's mom does it), extreme sweepstaking takes things to a whole new level. The new OWN show "Sweepstakers" follows three female "sweepers" as they attempt to win cars, trips, and cash.

The preview for the series shows an extreme sweeper who spends 12 hours a day submitting entries to contests. "I'm probably entering 1000 sweepstakes a day," she said, while another diehard estimates her yearly total at over 182,000 entries. That's lot of online submissions, texts, and cell phone calls, but how many do these extreme sweepers actually win?

One sweeper brags that she won so many radio contests that the station had to put the kibosh on them, while another compares the sweeping game to Wall Street.

"Money-Saving Wednesdays" debuts on Wednesday, 1/2 at 9 PM ET on OWN, with a new episode of "Super Saver Showdown" and a preview of "Sweepstakers."

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