'Parenthood' season 4 premiere recap: New beginnings, Ray Romano, and plenty of attitude

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The Bravermans are back, and if the Season 4 premiere is any indication, they are bringing a lot more attitude to "Parenthood." The episode, " Family Portrait, " was solid and entertaining, but at times, slightly annoying. Thankfully it came to life whenever guest star Ray Romano and Lauren Graham were on screen together.

The Bravermans got spunk

Viewers who love sassy attitudes should be pleased. For starters, we have Amber, who, for some reason, is now working at the Luncheonette. That must mean it's over with Mr. Politics, and she needed a new gig, pronto. If it goes anything like her last one, she should be running the studio in two weeks and opening up five new Luncheonettes within a month!

Oh, and she also met a guy, slept with him, met the guy's full-time babe, and lost the guy in one day. That "guy," by the way, is Paul McDonald ("American Idol" Season 10 contestant), who played Nick, the sleazy musician who digs girls in giant Harry Caray glasses. (Hello, wardrobe department? Please get Amber new specs!)

More attitude, please!

One of the more puzzling and attitude-filled storylines involved Crosby and his new/old wife, Jasmine. It seems that Crosby has been a Braverman for almost 40 years, married the same woman twice, and still doesn't know their religion. He had to ask mom and dad what they believe, and that was before he mouthed off to Jas' mom about God and teaching Jabbar to pray. It's difficult to believe this guy can be so clueless, but then again, it is Crosby. Other bits of sassiness came from Haddie (nothing new), who is off to Cornell University. Her entire contribution to the episode amounted to huffing, puffing, eye rolling, acting ungrateful and bored, then eye rolling, huffing and puffing a few more times for effect. Finally, she wraps it all up by acting like mommy and daddy's little princess in the final "goodbye at the airport" moment.

Next up to deliver the attitude was Max, who seemed to be auditioning for the coveted Punk of the Year Award, and there were even moments of 'tude from Zeek, who seemed annoyed during all three minutes of his screen time.

How to get a job -- Sarah style

Unemployment numbers may be high, but not for Sarah, who can land a job in 30 seconds. Step one: walk in door. Step two: make witty comment about help wanted sign. Step three: lie about resume. Step four: get hired. Step five: ask name of boss and salary. Step six: start job, get fired, and get offered a different job with the same place. See, easy!

Ray Romano, as Sarah's boss Hank, was gold. Even when playing the role of crusty photographer with the gleam in his eye for Sarah, his new inept assistant, we still see his humor and likeability emanating through the TV.

The shining moments were between Hank and Sarah, especially when he was making cheap shots at her decade-plus younger fiancé, Mark. After taking the Braverman family photo, Hank says to Sarah: "Tell your mom that if it doesn't work out with "Junior," I can Photoshop him out." Ouch, bitter party of one!

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