'Partners' episode 1.06 recap: Wyatt comes to work for Louis

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The latest episode of "Partners" featured a new element for the show. There was a bigger role for Wyatt, who had to fill in at Joe and Louis's office. That provided a new look at the relationship between Louis and Wyatt, which made for a refreshing storyline. That came at the expense of Ali, who only appears in a couple of short scenes. However, this was an important episode because it gave the show's fourth lead character a lot more to do. That should pay dividends as the series moves forward. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Temporary Insanity."

Wyatt the assistant

Joe and Louis are going to be without their secretary for a few weeks, and she didn't leave them any contingency plan. After Joe strikes out at the temp agency, Louis recommends that Wyatt fill the void. Joe is apprehensive since it might be awkward bossing him around, but Louis says that it won't be an issue. Joe also warns Louis that Wyatt will ultimately get on his nerves at work, but Louis says that that won't happen either. Joe still refuses, but it doesn't matter because Louis already gave Wyatt the job.

Things go well with Wyatt, and Joe is thrilled with his work ethic. He's incredibly organized, and the office is running as smooth as ever. But while Joe feels comfortable, Louis starts to get annoyed when he has to lie about eating meat to Wyatt. Things get worse when Wyatt quickly becomes popular among the others in the office building, including old co-workers Nate and Jordy. In addition, the two have nothing to talk about at home since they work together.

After he's haunted with visions of co-workers in his mirror, Louis reaches his breaking point when Wyatt blocks inappropriate websites on his computer. He freaks out to Joe, who takes pleasure in knowing that he was right all along. Louis asks Joe to fire him, but he tells Louis that it's not his mess to clean up. After making use of his quivering chin, Joe finally agrees to fire Wyatt. He tells him that he will do it, but that Louis will owe him big time. Back at home, Wyatt is bummed that Joe fired him. He makes Louis feel bad when he says that he can't spend the day with his favorite person anymore. The next day at work, Joe is surprised to see that Wyatt is back as the secretary. Louis says that he told Wyatt the truth, and that the situation is "win-win" once again.

Ali's jewelry party

Ali is holding a jewelry party at her store, and she is incredibly stressed. Among other things, she needs to organize the food and service. Louis has a solution and hires an unemployed actor from their yoga class to help out. However, the actor is unreliable since he is focusing on his audition. On the day of the event, he is forced to bail because he broke both of his hands. Ali is upset, but Joe comes to the rescue. He calls in his payback for Louis, who must serve as the cater-waiter for the event.
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