'Partners' recap: Derek Jeter causes trouble with Joe and Ali

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The new show "Partners" is now three episodes old, but there is already a familiar feel. The relationship between Joe and Ali was once again challenged by the relationship between Joe and Louis. However, just because the theme is common doesn't mean things aren't funny. This time, Joe is threatened by a secret from Ali's past. His first instinct is to tell Louis, and that has some troubling consequences. In the end, everything works out, but Ali's assessment from the first episode holds true. This show features three couples, not two. Here is a recap of the latest episode of "Partners."

Ali's big secret

While Joe and Louis are moving Ali's stuff in, they come across a box of her personal items. Louis is desperate to open it, but Joe decides to respect her privacy. That is, he respects it until Louis leaves. The next day, Joe reveals to Louis that he opened the box and discovered a picture of Ali and Derek Jeter. Feeling threatened by her past relationship, Joe is anxious to talk to her about it. Of course, he can't come out and say it without revealing that he invaded her privacy. Fortunately for him, Louis devises a plan to stage a game of Celebrity, which would force Ali to tell the story herself.

Before the game takes place, Wyatt is aggravated. It seems that Louis is super-competitive, and Wyatt has zero knowledge when it comes to pop culture. In fact, he didn't even grew up with a TV. Obviously, he knows very little about celebrities. So when he pulls the Derek Jeter card, he has no choice but to provide Ali's secret. That makes it clear to her that Joe not only went through her stuff, but also talked to Louis about it.

Joe faces the test

After Joe and Ali work things out, she decides to give him a test. She mentions that she also slept with Justin Timberlake but doesn't want Joe to tell Louis. It has to be a secret between them. Meanwhile, Louis apologizes to Wyatt for his competitive nature and promises a much more civil game the next time they play. The four gather for another game of Celebrity, and Joe teams with Wyatt while Louis teams with Ali. Joe and Wyatt do well, but Louis and Ali are just about to win. The last card is Justin Timberlake, and Louis can't resist winning.

He takes the bait about her clue, and Ali knows that Joe told him the secret. Ali reveals that she never slept with Justin, and it was all a trust test. She storms out in anger, but later returns to Joe. He apologizes, and she says that she can get used to him sharing things with Louis. He says he will keep things between them, but she doesn't believe him. At the end of the episode, she pulls up the curtain to reveal that Louis and Wyatt were standing there as they worked things out.

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