'Partners' recap: A theme emerges as Louis gets involved in Joe's life... again

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If one thing is clear after two episodes of "Partners," it's that Louis is going to constantly pry into Joe's life. Not only does he press him for information, but he takes it upon himself to try and fix every problem. That dynamic has been the main element of the first two episodes, and that's okay because it works well. Thankfully, it was much more structured in the second episode. Not only that, but Louis gets a little humble pie in the end. Here is a recap of the latest episode of "Partners."

Louis meddles in Joe's love life

After sensing a little crabbiness in Joe, Louis decides to avoid business talk and get him to discuss his personal problems. A reluctant Joe finally admits that it has been nine days since he and Ali have had sex. He says that she has been working hard lately, and that she isn't getting any help from her incompetent assistant. Joe begs Louis to stay out of it, and he is confident he can work things out with Ali. Of course, Louis takes it upon himself to casually mention something to Ali.

He visits her at her store, but there's nothing casual about it. Ali says that she and Louis can be friends, but she doesn't want him to get involved in her sex life. He agrees and starts to leave, but she asks him to finish his thought. Ali didn't realize that it had been so long, and she ends up taking Louis's advice. Even though Joe is grateful, he asks Louis to stay out of things in the future.

Unfortunately, Louis can't stay out of things for long. After learning that Joe and Ali have been ordering out for dinner, he shows up at Ali's store with a frozen chicken. He gives her a recipe for lemon chicken, and she begrudgingly realizes that she should cook for him once in a while. Joe comes into work happy because she tried to cook, but he criticizes the dish. Louis defends the recipe, making Joe realize that he interfered once again.

Wyatt's special birthday

While all of this is going on, Wyatt is trying to get Joe to exercise. Joe comes up with a variety of excuses, but Wyatt seems distracted. It turns out that it is his "sober birthday." It's been five years since he has been clean and sober, and that's a huge deal for him. However, he's upset because he doesn't feel that Louis will remember. Sure enough, Louis doesn't remember the big event, and Wyatt displays his subtle temper to Joe.

Against Wyatt's wishes, Joe gets involved by ordering a cake and a nice card from Louis. A grateful Wyatt sees the gift and thanks Louis, and Louis realizes that Joe helped him out in a big way. The episode ends with Louis telling Joe that he will talk to him before getting involved in anything.

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