‘Person of Interest’: Who is Detective Carter?

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Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) is the most consistent character on "Person of Interest." Viewers usually know what to expect from her because she always does things by the book. But how does she act when the book no longer applies? Well, that depends.

Sometimes she does the what may be perceived as the wrong thing, although she always does what she perceives is the right thing. Knowing more about the character may help viewers predict how she will act in the future.

Carter is loyal -- to the law

Carter is loyal to people she trusts. When she doesn't trust someone, she relies on the law. In the episode "Number Crunch," she was loyal to the CIA when she thought they could be trusted. Once they flipped her world upside down by shooting Reese (Jim Caviezel) instead of arresting him, she went against the law and saved Reese.

Although saving Reese was not exactly lawful, it was the closest thing to the law that she could muster, under the circumstances. Anything else would have resulted in his death, which would have been wrong.

Carter used to be more trusting -- now she trusts no one

In the beginning, she trusted law enforcement. She trusted other cops she knew were good cops. She thought Fusco (Kevin Chapman) was one of these good cops. When members of the CIA revealed that they could not be trusted (see above), she began to put some amount of trust in Reese.

When Reese stepped too far outside the letter of the law in the episode "Baby Blue," she quit his vigilante team and began putting more trust in Fusco. When she learned that Fusco may not be so trustworthy after all in the episode "Flesh and Blood," she becomes confused. She no longer knows who to trust.

Although she's now back on the team and knows that Fusco is on their side, she now has a taste of the wheelings and dealings that are actually going on all around her. She now knows that no one can be trusted. She has to rely even more on what she feels is right than ever before. She can no longer rely on other people to do the right thing.

Carter will find who she's looking for -- at any cost

This was most evident in the episodes leading up to "Number Crunch." She tracked the thinnest threads of evidence in order to find Reese. She can use those abilities now to help Reese find Finch (Michael Emerson). Reese will just have to hope that Carter doesn't find out too much about Finch, or the Machine.

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