‘Person of Interest’: Who is Detective Fusco?

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Detective Fusco has grown more than any other character on "Person of Interest." In the "Pilot" he was a dirty cop, and now he's a somewhat respectable, if insolent, crime fighter. Although he has Reese to thank for his initially forced change of heart, he has now begun to make those changes for the better on his own. He is not the same character he used to be. So who is he?

He easily fits the dirty cop persona because he used to be one

Fusco was the worst kind of dirty cop, even willing to kill for money. In fact, that was what he was doing in the "Pilot" when he tried to kill Reese. His coerced about-face came along when Reese blackmailed him into being his eyes and ears in the police department, watching Carter.

The question is whether he would ever be willing to go back to being a dirty cop. In the episode "Blue Code," he risked his life for the cause, but he was also willing to go back to pretending to be a dirty cop, because that was what Reese wanted from him.

In the episode "Flesh and Blood," Fusco proved himself beyond any doubt by saving Carter after being threatened by his dirty cop "buddies." In the episode "Matsya Nyaya," however, he also proved that he still enjoys dirty cop dealings to some extent. He seems to be at his best when he can pretend to be a dirty cop and benefit monetarily while also doing the right thing by saving good people. It allows him to have the best of both worlds.

He respects Detective Carter -- even though he was forced to work with her

Although Fusco did not trust Carter initially, he at least came to respect her. He always knew what to expect with her, because she always does the right thing. When she told him he was the only one she could trust in the episode "Flesh and Blood," he seemed to respect her even more, even though he was nervous that she was going to try to catch Reese.

Now that Fusco and Carter know about each other, and he told her the truth about himself, his trust for her has hit a new level. After all they have been through together, they will likely have a new level of loyalty for each other.

He feels guilty about trying to kill Reese

He would never tell Reese his true feelings, but he feels truly guilty about trying to kill him when they first met. He wants to do all he can to make up for all the bad things he did in his life, and having his life turned upside down by Reese was the starting point of his guilt. The way he confessed to Carter in the Season 1 finale, "Firewall," says it all. He is a changed person, and will likely never be tempted back to his old life as a scoundrel.

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