'Person of Interest' episode ‘Booked Solid’ recap: The concierge and bellhop crime-fighting team

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'Person of Interest' episode ‘Booked Solid’ recap: The concierge and bellhop crime-fighting team

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"Booked Solid" -- Reese (Jim Caviezel, left) and Finch (Michael Emerson) go undercover at a posh New …

Thursday's "Person of Interest" episode "Booked Solid" took place almost entirely within the confines of a hotel. Finch (Michael Emerson) took it upon himself to find a new career for Reese (Jim Caviezel) as a bellhop, while Finch took the slightly more refined job of concierge. It's just an act, of course. Their real job was to protect their next "number," a maid named Mira Dobrica (Mia Maestro). All the juicy stuff happens at the end of the episode, however, after the case is over.

The soon-to-be victim

After a humorously awkward introduction between Reese and his new boss, Reese gets right to work hauling luggage and planting a webcam on Mira's cart. There are several clues as to what could lead to Mira's demise, including a "side operation" in the hotel, about which the boss seems to worry Mira that may have snitched. But the side operation turns out to be just a side dish to Mira's real troubles.

It turns out that someone has been listening in on all of Mira's conversations and knows that she is an Albanian whose entire family was murdered. She is the only loose end in the operation, because she knows who killed her family.

Fusco and Carter save the day

The entire hotel is filled with a team of hit men intent on killing Mira. Reese never let a few hit men get in his way, but he can't be multiple places at one time. Finch calls Fusco (Kevin Chapman) in to help, and Fusco quickly dispatches several of the hit men and calls in the cops. The cops bring Mira in to the precinct to protect her. Carter (Taraji P. Henson) takes care of one final hit man, who has disguised himself as a mugging victim.

Finch and Reese "resign"

After the operation, Reese "resigns" from his hotel job by punching the annoying boss in the face. Finch "resigns" by deleting all of his information from the computer, then buying the hotel to make sure it is run properly with Mira at the helm. It turns out that the annoying boss was running an escort service. Zoe (Paige Turco) showed up to wrap up that part of the takedown. The entire team worked together on this one, leaving a clean, well-run hotel in their wake.

Carter's man trouble

The FBI returns based on notes that Donnelly, the now deceased FBI agent, had left behind. This time, they are there to offer Carter a job. All she has to do is take a polygraph. Finch suggests that she lie on one of the baseline questions in order to hide her involvement with Finch and Reese. She decides to lie and say that she smoked marijuana in college. So far so good. But then the questions turn toward her new love interest, Beecher (Sterling K. Brown). In fact, the FBI rescinds the offer for her to join their ranks based on the fact that she has a personal relationship with him. The one guy she thought was a safe bet is the one man she should be worried about!

The Office of Special Counsel

Reese has one other group of people to worry about. The Office of Special Counsel, whatever that means, is out to kill Reese and whomever he works for. This group doesn't really care about anything else, and they don't mess around. Reese stabs the hit man sent to kill him (giving him 20 minutes to save himself), but that's not the interesting part. The hit man's boss has a very special secretary, keeping tabs on everything he does to find Reese. Yep, Root (Amy Acker) is back! It looks as if things are about to heat up again soon.

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