'Person of Interest' episode ‘C.O.D.’ recap: Cash cab

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'Person of Interest' episode ‘C.O.D.’ recap: Cash cab

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"C.O.D." -- Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Detective Terney (Al Sapienza) cross paths with U.S. Secret …

The Dec. 6 "Person of Interest" episode, "C.O.D.," was all about mobsters and money. Fermin (Michael Irby), a poor cabby, gets involved with the Estonian mob in his search for money to get his wife and child out of Cuba. Nobody cares about Fermin. They only care about money. Add Reese (Jim Caviezel), Finch (Michael Emerson), and Carter (Taraji P. Henson) to the picture, and you know Fermin will get his wish.

From baseball star to cab driver

Fermin was a Cuban refugee who dreamed of being a baseball star. All it took was a single injury to crush his dreams. His wife and son are under suspicion of wanting to escape, which could land them in jail without someone's help. Mendoza, a common scam artist who had helped another baseball player who fared much better, is the only person Fermin can turn to. Unfortunately, Mendoza demands double the cash after Fermin has already done everything he can to get $40,000. Of course, Mendoza only cares about the cash, not about protecting Fermin's family.

The Estonian mob and the laptop

Fermin gets involved with the Estonian mob after he pawns a laptop that was left in his cab. The laptop contains hacking code that can steal credentials, allowing criminals to fly anywhere by air travel as they please. This puts the secret service hot on Fermin's trail, as well.

Finch and Reese introduce themselves

Finch takes a cab ride with Fermin so he can install all of his surveillance equipment. Later, Reese follows the cab by motorcycle while Finch and Reese both listen in on everything going on inside the cab. When a blond woman enters the cab and directs Fermin to an out-of-the way place, then asks about the laptop, Reese knows something bad is about to happen. The woman (Larisa Polonsky), dubbed by Finch as the "angel of death," leaves a $100 bill and gets out. Reese gets in and directs Fermin on what to do to get out of his predicament before they both get "acute lead poisoning," as Carter and Fusco would say.

The search for the laptop

Fermin had sold the laptop to a friend, who had then sold it to someone else. Because the friend saw the laptop, he wound up dead. Reese sees the pattern: receive the laptop, see what's on the laptop, die. Finch is able to locate the buyer of the laptop, who has now become another seller of the hot item. He sets up a meeting between the seller and Reese.

When Reese and Fermin show up, they are met with a camera. The seller decides Reese looks like a fed and cancels the transaction. It's OK though, because Finch can find anyone. He locates the man, but Reese gets caught up in a fight with the mobsters. Finch has to meet the man on his own.

The angel of death

Finch meets with the kid selling the laptop and gives him extra money to disappear, so he doesn't end up dead like everyone else. When he's about to leave with his dog, Bear, the "angel of death" shows up. Her first order is to "kill the dog." Thank goodness for Reese, who shows up at the last minute. Reese takes out a couple of guys, Bear takes out another guy, and even Fermin takes one out with a "high and outside" throw of a pool ball that still gets the job done.

Carter saves the family, while Fusco saves his own butt

Carter works out a deal where the feds get Fermin's family out of Cuba in exchange for the laptop. Meanwhile, Fusco (Kevin Chapman) gets involved with Elias's people on behalf of HR. Elias's men shoot IA Det. Ian Bowman (Scott Aiello), who tagged along with Fusco, and send Fusco away with a message for HR: "Elias said go to hell." Fusco tells Simmons (Robert John Burke) that he seconds that motion. Simmons then gives Carter an "anonymous tip" that IA Det. Ian Davidson -- the corrupt cop who almost killed Fusco before Reese got to him first in the episode "Blue Code" -- was shot by a cop. The tip is also a message to Fusco: "Do as HR says, or we'll take you down."

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