'Person of Interest' episode ‘Dead Reckoning’ recap: Kara vs Finch!

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'Person of Interest' episode ‘Dead Reckoning’ recap: Kara vs Finch!

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"Dead Reckoning" -- Agent Mark Snow (Michael Kelly, left) makes a dangerous return to Reese's (Jim Caviezel, …

"Person of Interest" turned the intrigue dial up another notch when Kara (Annie Parisse) kidnapped Reese (Jim Caviezel) at the end of the previous episode, "Prisoner's Dilemma." Now Kara has Reese right where she wants him: strapped in a suicide vest, sitting right beside Mark Snow (Michael Kelly). Snow was the one who gave Reese orders to kill Kara, because she had supposedly been compromised. Of course, he gave Kara the same orders concerning Reese. Only Kara was evil enough to act on them, nearly being blown to smithereens in the process. Now it's payback time.

Carter is broken and confused

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) calls Carter (Taraji P. Henson) to the scene of the crime from which she just escaped after Kara killed Donnelly and kidnapped Reese. She is in pain and seems a bit dizzy, but manages to get herself to at least appear put together. She has lost an earring, but Fusco hands it to her. He knows she was involved and wants to help. It's actually quite a sweet moment, as he seems genuinely concerned about his friend. Carter, with a son, has much more to lose than Fusco, who chose a dangerous path in the beginning.

They both meet with Finch (Michael Emerson) to share information. Carter remembers enough about the time she ran into Snow to know that Reese was taken by his old CIA partner, Kara. She also remembers that Snow's job was to steal a hard drive (which she had taken from him) and give Finch all the information she was able to ascertain about the drive.

Reese fights back in little ways

Reese refuses to eat. Kara says that Snow was the same way before he accepted his fate. He's simply fighting back in little ways that won't change Kara's plans. Still, Reese seems confident that he will hold firm to his new ways. He knows he is truly fighting for the greater good now, and Kara can't break him again.

Reese holds firm to his new standards

Kara forces Reese and Snow to do her bidding. The first job is to buy another hard drive. When the two men want another $50,000, Kara's version of a counter-offer is two bullets. Reese won't kill them, so Kara does the job.

The next job requires Reese and Snow to steal the uniforms of two ATF agents and leave their phones behind. Reese takes care of the job without killing anyone, and texts "UXO" (unexploded ordinance, referring to his bomb vest) to Finch on one of their phones before leaving it behind. Carter tracks the location of the phone, and Fusco finds that the ATF agent who owns the phone and his partner have been called in on a bomb threat. Finch finds that the building they have been called to contains a hidden 21st floor.

Kara forces Reese and Snow to break in on that hidden floor. It turns out that the facility contains cyber-warfare weapons; weapons that could disable the entire electrical grid and even destroy the Machine. Rather than allow Kara to have access to a weapon that can destroy the entire U.S. infrastructure, Reese has the technician in the office secretly tell him how to wipe its information from existence. Snow is upset to see what Reese has done, knowing that Kara will now wipe Snow from existence.

But it's all a ploy; Kara never wanted access to destroy everything. She knew what Reese would do. She was expecting it. Reese essentially paved the way so she would have access to upload the information on her stolen hard drive in a way that would reach the entire cyber infrastructure. Finch doesn't know what's on it, but it's supposed to go live in a little over five months.

The sacrifice

Kara sets the bomb vests to go off in five minutes. Snow seemingly betrays his country again, running off and leaving Reese behind. Carter and Fusco show up, but Fusco and Reese both convince Carter that she has too much at stake to risk being blown up; Fusco escorts her out. That leaves Finch. He disables Reese's bomb with seven seconds left. Seven seconds later, Snow blows up in the back seat of Kara's car! Kara worked so hard to get payback, but she was just another pawn. The organization that convinced her to get payback got exactly what they wanted: for their unspecified virus to be dispersed in U.S. computer networks.

"Who did this to me?"

Kara asks a mysterious man, "Who did this to me?" It's the man who was responsible for everything that had happened to her back when the CIA tried to have her killed. The mystery fellow told her that the person who originally sold the laptop (a man who doesn't appear in any known databases), was the one responsible for the CIA bombing. They were trying to destroy the laptop. Just before her death in her own car, she asked for the name of that man. That was her reward for dispersing the virus. She wrote it down: Harold Finch.

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