'Person of Interest' Episode 'In Extremis' Recap: Fusco Gets in Trouble!

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'Person of Interest' Episode 'In Extremis' Recap: Fusco Gets in Trouble!

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"In Extremis" -- Officer Simmons (Robert John Burke, left) threatens Det. Fusco (Kevin Chapman, right) …

Thursday night's "Person of Interest" episode, "In Extremis," puts Fusco (Kevin Chapman) in a tough situation because of past mistakes and leaves Carter (Taraji P. Henson) with a difficult decision. The main plot also involves other past mistakes made by a doctor (Dennis Boutsikaris). Unfortunately, the Machine is on the fritz and has not been able to save the last few POIs in time.

Fusco is pulled in for questioning

Internal Affairs (IAB) questions Fusco about the disappearance of a man named Stills. He denies everything, despite overwhelming evidence linking him to a possible burial place, where they believe Fusco attempted to hide the body. They've narrowed it down to four places, and it's just a matter of time before the cadaver-sniffing dogs find what they're looking for and Fusco goes down for murder.

Fusco flashbacks

Fusco is shown getting rid of Stills's body. Over the course of the episode, the flashbacks indicate that Fusco never wanted to be involved but was coaxed into it by HR until he became accustomed to being a dirty cop. The dirty deeds he did included the murder of drug criminals and accepting money for covering up other dirty cops' crimes, as well.

The truth comes out

Fusco had tried to tell Carter about his past, but she never wanted to hear it. Now that he is about to go down, it is time for him to tell her the truth. He begins by saying that he didn't kill Stills, but that he deserves to go to prison anyway for all the other bad things he did.

Carter becomes worried about those "other things," as well she should: Fusco explains that those things involve murder and cover-ups. Carter immediately gets an "I'm gonna be sick" look on her face.

The look softens after a few moments and turns to a combination of disappointment and guilt. She is highly disappointed in Fusco, but clearly feels guilty for not wanting to help her partner. She leaves him to fend for himself.

Reese sets Carter straight

Carter eventually calls Reese (Jim Caviezel) and asks him whether he is doing anything to protect Fusco. Reese is too busy with his POI at the moment but reminds Carter that sometimes people can change for the better. It is up to her to decide what to do about Fusco. In the end, her choice is clear.

Reese notices that Bear is gone from the library and is shown at Carter's side with mud on his feet. Carter used Bear to find the body of Stills and move it before IAB could discover it and put Fusco away. Fusco goes back to work with his crime-fighting team, leaving his past behind.


The POI this week is Dr. Nelson, who is poisoned with radiation before Reese and Finch (Michael Emerson) can save him. All he can do is help Reese figure out who killed him. The path to justice leads to a billionaire who claims that when he knows he has "picked a loser," he has to "dump it," implying that Nelson is that loser because he had made a mistake that caused the billionaire to lose money.

When the billionaire shows no remorse for what he has done, Reese, disguised as a waiter, gives him a dose of the same "medicine" Nelson was given. Before leaving, Nelson makes the point that the billionaire will have about 24 hours to spend his billions, so he should invest it wisely. Nice way to twist that knife of justice!

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