'Person of Interest' Episode ‘Masquerade’ Recap: John Reese as Babysitter

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'Person of Interest' Episode ‘Masquerade’ Recap: John Reese as Babysitter

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"Masquerade" -- When Reese (Jim Caviezel, left) poses as a bodyguard in order to protect Sofia (Paloma …

The "Person of Interest" episode, "Masquerade," contained a nice dose of its usual comedy relief. The highly capable John Reese (Jim Caviezel) had to play babysitter to the snobby daughter (Paloma Guzmán) of a foreign diplomat (Gary Perez). In addition, Reese and Finch (Michael Emerson) had to adjust to each other after Finch's return. Their relationship seems to have reached a new level that could not be avoided, despite Finch's apparent reluctance to face change.

Finch is unnerved by Reese's changes

Finch tries to ignore the new dog Reese has brought in to his life and gets back to work in his usual way. His "usual way" is disrupted, however, when Reese "barges in" to what Finch seems to think of as his personal purview with a new social security number. The look of shock on Finch's face when Reese announces the new number is priceless. Finch seems to have forgotten that Reese had to handle these things while he was gone.

Since his abduction, Finch has a new fear of walking out in the open on his own. He disliked getting out much even before he was abducted, and now it's nearly impossible. Not only that, he now has the dog Reese thrust upon him -- a dog that must be played with and walked. Finch doesn't realize it at first, but Reese did him a big favor by giving him the dog. He is forced to open up and play with his new "best friend," that also provides Finch protection. He seems to get along fairly well with the dog by the end of the episode.

Reese must babysit

Reese worms his way into the life of his next "number," Sophia , with a series of humorous maneuvers. Sophia purposely attempts to cause a bit of trouble, but Reese is there to put a stop to it every step of the way. She initially resents him for his meddling, but grows to trust him once he takes the blame with her father for one of her missteps.

Fusco, the stud

When Reese has to take off to find the person he believes is responsible for trying to kill Sophia, he leaves Fusco (Kevin Chapman) to take over. Fusco is expecting yet another annoyance from the bain of his existence (Reese), but instead finds the most enjoyable job Reese has ever given him when he hits it off with Sophia. Sophia even implies that Fusco is a "stud"!

The chivalrous instincts that Fusco probably didn't know he had kick in when Reese learns that he was on the wrong track, and the killer is Sophia's boyfriend. Fusco stands between Sophia and a possible bullet until Reese saves the day.

It's always nice to see Reese save people, but the addition of Fusco to the story was unexpected. It was nothing short of, well, awesome! Fusco is like a grumpy old man who complains about everything, so it was really surprising and humorous to see him actually enjoying himself while working. He didn't even complain when the hard part of the job came along!

Reese and Finch as buddies

Reese has always seemed to have more affection for Finch than Finch has for Reese. Reese has thought of Finch as a true friend, someone who saved his life from oblivion, for quite awhile now. So when Reese realizes his friend is having trouble after being abducted, he decides to help him out by leading him out of the office and into the fresh air.

Reese did a good job of concealing his helping hand for Finch to avoid an uncomfortable moment. Reese's veiled tenderness toward Finch's gentle emotional state was incredibly heartfelt. Each of those moments between the two friends was almost enough to summon a tear.

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