'Person of Interest' episode ‘One Percent’ recap: The billionaire tech genius

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'Person of Interest' episode ‘One Percent’ recap: The billionaire tech genius

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'Person of Interest' episode ‘One Percent’ recap: The billionaire tech genius

"Person of Interest" took a bit of a break from the intense intrigue and action of the past few episodes to go back to the number-of-the-week template in the episode "One Percent." The next number is for a man whose description sounds exactly like Finch's (Michael Emerson): a self-made billionaire tech genius. The similarities stops there, however. Finch is a very conservative type, with more than a healthy dose of paranoia, who keeps to himself. Logan Pierce (Jimmi Simpson) is a reckless social butterfly with almost no regard for his safety.

How to follow someone who breaks all the rules

Reese (Jim Caviezel) has his hands full just trying to keep up with Pierce. Pierce swaps phones twice a day to avoid corporate espionage, and he illegally takes helicopter rides off the tops of buildings. How can Reese protect Pierce if he can't even get an eye on him?

The first step is to bug Pierce's credit card while posing as a dry cleaner. Pierce runs over to the dry cleaner's wearing nothing but a robe and underwear because he only has one suit. He may buy super-expensive merchandise, but only one of each: one expensive suit, one two million dollar watch, and one impressive sports car. Finch greets him as a dry cleaner. So, is the place simply closed until Pierce walks in? It's not as if Finch can stay there all day.

The billionaire goes out of control

… literally! His car gets hacked, and Finch has to hack in to counteract the hack before Pierce crashes. Reese and Finch can't keep doing this. Reese decides to fight his way into Pierce's office and simply tell him what his purpose is: to save Pierce from certain death.

When Pierce's company decides to vote him out as CEO because of his antics, he seems to take it all in stride -- until he begins choking. Reese realizes it's an allergic reaction and MacGyvers a tube to shove down Pierce's throat, saving him from death. Unfortunately "100 or so" of Pierce's "closest friends" have access to his home, so there's no way to know who poisoned him.

Reese and Finch meet

Reese and Finch have a meeting to discuss the next step, but Pierce shows up. He has found the bug in his credit card and figured out who Reese and Finch are. He is impressed with Finch's brains, with Reese's brawn, and with the anonymity they have both achieved. He mentions that "true anonymity is true power."

Pierce decides that he doesn't like Finch's idea of going to their safe house, because he has his own "safe house": a bar in St. Petersburg that used to be a bomb shelter and that has terrific fried dumplings. The only problem is that he invited all his friends, starting with his lawyer. But it turns out that the lawyer's prints were on the glass that contained Pierce's poison. Reese takes him down handily. Job over. Reese has had enough. On to the next number.

The next number? Pierce! He has another attacker, who happens to be his business partner. Pierce takes a beating before Reese saves him once again. Pierce gives Reese a "gift" for all his trouble: a two million dollar watch. Finch reveals that it simply serves as an enclosure for a GPS device, breaking the expensive timepiece without a second thought.

Carter and Fusco

Carter (Taraji P. Henson) is back on the trail of the Davidson murder. She never really gets anywhere with it until Fusco (Kevin Chapman) seems to begin what seems to be a confession. She stops him cold. She makes her own confession: Fusco is her friend, but she's still a cop. She will do what she has to do to follow the law.

Bear makes friends

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this particular episode was Bear. The poor guy seemed depressed, but Finch solved the problem at the end: Poor Bear was just lonely. Finch decides to find Bear a date, and he happily runs off with his new playmate in the park.

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