'Person of Interest' episode ‘Relevance’ recap: Reese meets his match

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'Person of Interest' episode ‘Relevance’ recap: Reese meets his match

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"Relevance" - Finch (Michael Emerson, left) and Reese (Jim Caviezel, center) come face-to-face with a …

"Person of Interest" returned to edge-of-your-seat, heart-pounding intrigue with the episode "Relevance." The strange part is that the star of the show was the POI! We saw that the series could still be wonderful without Reese (Jim Caviezel) in the episode "2 Pi R," but without any of the main characters? Still awesome.

Sarah Shahi plays Samantha Shaw as a Reese-like character. Shahi played Kate Reed in the recently canceled "Fairly Legal," but her best work was as... guess who? Reese! She portrayed the character Dani Reese on the short-lived series "Life," in a somewhat similar role to the one she plays here.

The other team

Shaw's team parallels Finch's (Michael Emerson) team, but on a higher level. Whereas Finch seems to be working on his own, with only his billions of dollars to back him up, Shaw works for an agency called Intelligence Support Activity. Her version of Finch is Michael Cole (Evon Moss-Bachrach), except he is not in charge of everything. He is only the tech guru. Their version of the Machine is a division called "Research," and the unknown face behind everything is called "Control."

Shaw's POI

Shaw's team also chases after numbers, but their goal is always to kill the people behind the numbers. "Research" is never wrong, and their job is always to stop terrible things from happening. Only this time, it's a trap. Shaw and Cole are the real targets. Cole is killed in the fight, at which point Reese shows his face for a fleeting moment before Shaw riddles him with bullets. Good thing he wears a vest and Shaw avoids his face!

The "Root" of all evil

Shaw goes rogue trying to figure out why her employer is killing off employees. She decides to talk to Cole's contact at the CIA, Veronica Sinclair. When Shaw shows up to meet with Sinclair, Root (Amy Acker) opens the door! Shaw has never seen Sinclair, so she has no idea what she has gotten herself into until it's too late. Root tases Shaw's neck, then ties her up and prepares to torture her. They both seem to enjoy the fight in a very sick way. Shaw had confessed earlier in the episode that she feels no pain or anguish when she kills people, and she seems to enjoy the thought of fighting off Root.

Unfortunately, that epic battle -- which hopefully happens one day soon -- will have to wait. Root is interrupted when three men are sent to kill Shaw. The funny thing is that Root knows that the apparently incapacitated Shaw will fight the men off, because she says that she'll see Shaw later. Shaw does not disappoint. She fights off the men even better than Reese could manage, but doesn't quite escape death on her own. The needle filled with drugs and is meant to kill her is stuck in her shoulder. Reese walks in and finally gets to save the day by pulling out the needle.

The team gets in on the action

Reese takes Shaw to meet with Finch, but she refuses Finch's help. Instead, she tries to get back into her organization's good graces by bringing Cole's research to her boss, Hersh (Boris McGiver). Hersh also happens to be the head of the governmental "Office of Special Counsel" who has been trying to kill Reese, but Shaw doesn't know that. Shaw just wants to save the program because she believes in it. She believes she is doing the right thing.

The only problem is that they still want her dead. Hersh shoots her up with the death-drugs in the middle of a crowd of people, and she passes out. The whole team gets involved at this point, as Finch sees to it that Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) are called in to make sure the situation is contained, as Leon (Ken Leung), disguised as an EMT, goes to work. He follows Finch's directions to ensure that Shaw survives.

Shaw goes from death to having her cheek licked by Bear. Leon has dropped her off near a cemetery, with Reese and Finch waiting for her. This time, she accepts the possibility of receiving Finch's help by taking his phone number. She's not happy about it, but what else is she going to do? Her employers want her dead, and now they believe she is. Reese and Finch are the only people who can help her if she ever finds herself in the kind of trouble she will undoubtedly find herself in someday. That's a good thing! Hopefully she'll be back very soon.

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