'Person of Interest' Episode ‘Trojan Horse’ Recap: Finch Crushes on a Techie

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'Person of Interest' Episode ‘Trojan Horse’ Recap: Finch Crushes on a Techie

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"Trojan Horse" -- When the number of a leading tech executive (Traci Thoms, right) comes up, Finch (Michael …

The "Person of Interest" episode "Trojan Horse" continues two story arcs, along with the main plot of the episode. The Machine produces the latest number: female tech guru, Monica (Traci Thoms), who nearly codes Finch's (Michael Emerson) shirt off. That's not to say she codes better than he does, but that Finch seems to have a crush on her.

Finch gets close with a super-geek move

In order to get close to Monica, Finch goes undercover at her firm and works his techie magic to gain access to her phone. He then proceeds to get even closer by leaving out a fancy new piece of tech as she walks by, so he can impress her with his technical knowledge once she spots it. He's so in. Monica seems like the perfect fit for dear Finch.

Finch and Reese weed out some spies

Monica appears to be spying on Lee, an employee who died, but it turns out that Lee was the spy. He was apparently spying on his firm for his home country of China. But it goes much deeper than Finch and Reese (Jim Caviezel) had realized.

Monica is framed for spying, then Reese has to save her from being murdered. Reese and Finch finally introduce themselves to Monica as her protectors, and get to work trying to figure out who is behind everything. Information that Monica stole from Lee's old computer reveals that more than half the company is part of the spy network.

Everything is connected

Monica's company is no longer the "American success story" she once thought it was. It is now, basically, a pass-through for spying on the entire United States framework. But only a small fraction of the information gleaned from spying goes to China.

The majority of the information goes to a shadowy figure whom Finch and Reese have never seen: the man responsible for spreading the super-virus via Kara Stanton. Finch realizes that the sole purpose of the super-virus is to find and infect the Machine. The spy network set up through Monica's firm may have been gathering information helpful to finding the Machine.

Carter continues to doubt Beecher

Carter (Taraji P. Henson) is still fuming over Beecher's (Sterling K. Brown) refusal to give her the name of the confidential informant responsible for getting an innocent cop killed. Fusco (Kevin Chapman) confronts him, but realizes that Beecher is also innocent, once Beecher attempts to learn the truth through Elias (Enrico Colantoni).

It's too late. Beecher's godfather, Quinn (Clarke Peters), coldly has Beecher murdered before anyone can learn the truth that Quinn is the head of HR. Elias pointed out to both Finch and Beecher that HR is not at the top of the criminal food chain. Everything HR does leads back to another shadowy figure.

Shaw finds a hobby

Shaw (Sarah Shahi) shows up again, but this time she finds Finch's library. While there, she spots a photo of Root (Amy Acker), the only person who outsmarted her, and nearly tortured her. Finch had recommended that Shaw find a new hobby, so she has found it: track down Root.

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