‘Person of Interest’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Secrets gleaned about Season 2

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The actors and producers were fairly tight-lipped at Comic-Con when it came to any hints about "Person of Interest" Season 2. There were a few juicy details however, when combining the main panel discussion with other interviews that took place at Comic-Con.

Michael Emerson on the Warner Brothers Extra Stage with host Ben Lyons

In this interview, Emerson told the crowd that his character Finch would be "on the road" with his kidnapper Root (Amy Acker) at the beginning of the show. He mentioned that there were many scenes in diners and gas stations, as well.

Comic-Con panel

The biggest news to come out of the Comic-Con "Person of Interest" panel came from a Season 2 teaser video. It revealed that Ken Leung from "Lost" will be on the show in a key role that seems to indicate he will be helping Reese to find Finch. In another earlier interview with Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson (with The Voice of TV), Emerson had mentioned that someone from "Lost" would appear in the Season 2 premiere episode.

The entire panel (with the exception of the Season 2 preview) is available as a series of five videos on the CBS site. On the panel were producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, and actors Jim Caviezel (Reese), Michael Emerson (Finch), Taraji P. Hensen (Detective Carter), and Kevin Chapman (Detective Fusco).

The first clue came when someone asked about Root. Nolan and Plageman said that she would definitely be back in Season 2, and that they have "big plans" for the character.

Later, someone asked whether fans would find out what actually happened to Nathan, since his death is never actually shown. Nolan assured the audience that they reserve the right to bring back any character if you don't see them die. He mentioned that we haven't seen the last of Elias either.

Emerson also said in the earlier interview, as well as in the panel, that he is confident in Finch's control over the Machine, because Finch left very little room for error. Caviezel also mentioned in the earlier interview that there is a "brilliant scene" that hasn't been shot yet involving Reese asking the Machine a moral question when trying to find his friend Finch. Emerson promised that they would "follow through" with the suspense established in the Season 1 finale.

The Taraji P. Hensen and Kevin Chapman interview with Andrew Freund

This interview is also available on CBS. There was only one clue gleaned from this short interview, but it was a fairly big one. Hensen let it slip that Finch would not be found in the first episode. That was the best news to come out of Comic-Con, because it means there won't be a quick solution! More intrigue is always a good thing.

The Voice of TV talk to Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman

Some of the best clues came from The Voice of TV's interviews. Executive producer Jonathan Nolan told them that the name of the Season 2 premiere episode, "Contingency," has three meanings. One of them is the "backdoor," or contingency plan that Nathan Ingram (Brett Cullen) built into the Machine against Finch's wishes.

Executive producer Greg Plageman also gave up some additional information. He said that Season 2 will reveal much more of Finch's back-story, including details about Grace (Finch's fiancee, played by Carrie Preston, Emerson's real-life wife). He said fans will also learn what happened to Nathan and how Finch got his limp.

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