Pete Rose, Kiana Kim give fans a different perspective on ‘Hits & Mrs.’

The hit king takes a swing at reality TV

Pete Rose, Kiana Kim give fans a different perspective on ‘Hits & Mrs.’

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Pete Rose and his fiance Kiana Kim on baseball field on "Hits & Mrs."

With 23 years as a player and manager -- not to mention 17 Major League Baseball records to his name -- Pete Rose is mostly remembered for one thing: being suspended from the game for gambling. While diehard fans will always admire "Charlie Hustle," his tarnished image has haunted him for decades. Now the Hit King has a chance to show a different side of himself on the new reality series "Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs."

'Hits & Mrs.' follows the baseball legend and his young fiancee

The series will follow the former Cincinnati Reds switch hitter and his girlfriend, former model Kiana Kim. At a recent press event, Rose and Kim talked about why they wanted to do the show.

Thirty-something Kim first met Rose, 71, while she was shopping for a new Mercedes and he was getting his car washed at the dealership. A relationship quickly blossomed. After turning down other offers to have a reality TV series, they finally found an opportunity that focused on the aspects of their lives that they wanted to share with viewers.

'Hits & Mrs.' focuses on the new phase in Pete Rose's life

Kim explained that Creature Films approached them about focusing on the legendary athlete as he embarks on a new phase in his life. Not only is he going to marry Kim, he'll be a parent to her son and daughter, who are 11 and 14 respectively. All the while, Kim will be forging relationships with Rose's four grown children from his first two marriages.

The one-time Playboy model described the premise of the series: "It's about our relationship and the blending of our families. We have a little bit of age difference, obviously, and different cultures. I come from a very traditional Korean family, and Pete is American… So it's really funny. We're such an unlikely couple. We've got young children with his older children. So it's chaotic, but it works."

The 18-time all-star baseball player believes the show will help fans see an alternate side of him. "When you watch the episodes, you will get a different perspective on what kind of guy I am, because a lot of people that don't know me think that I'm that aggressive, arrogant baseball player. And when I'm not playing, I'm not like that. I'm very fan friendly."

'Hits & Mrs.' will show a happy and fun loving couple

Rose said the show would also shed light on his partnership with Kim, which many might look upon with wonderment. Rose admitted that he also wanted viewers to see how well he and his bride-to-be get along.

Kim agreed, adding, "We wanted to show people that we're not here for just a split second, which most people assume, and that we really get along, and we appreciate each other and that we have fun. We laugh. And isn't that what life's about? Just laughing, enjoying each other no matter what age or where we live or what cultures. We really are a happy couple, and we'd like to show that to people."

Tune in to "Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs." every Monday night at 10 PM ET on TLC.

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