President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle on ‘The View’: Lessons in love!

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President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle on ‘The View’: Lessons in love!

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Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made their first ever joint appearance on "The View." The chatfest devoted an entire hour to the couple, cutting out even the staple "Hot Topics" segment. All of the co-hosts were in attendance.

Coincidentally, the appearance coincided with Barbara Walters' birthday. The ABC matriarch joked about wanting to forget her big day, noting that, nonetheless, a birthday is "better than the alternative." Walters is 83 years young and fabulous. She promoted the interview with Mr. Obama on an "ABC News" appearance with George Stephanopoulos earlier in the day.

The "leader of the free world" didn''t spin by the chatfest empty-handed. A recurring joke on "The View" is that Barbara pilfers souvenirs whenever she's invited to the White House. Well, Obama brought Babs a gift basket filled with her very own cloth White House napkins, White House M&Ms, and even White House beer. Who knew that there was White House beer?

The conversation was a heated mix of heavy political conversation about controversial topics, such as Libya, mixed with lightweight fun. Mrs. O was resplendent in a fall green dress. It was the sort of thing we'd wear to pick daisies and picnic in Central Park if we were in a '50s romantic flick. She was sweet and likable.

Speaking of romance, no one does love better than Barack and Michelle. The Obamas are the most fun to watch when they are together. We figured that us mere mortals could pick up a relationship tip or two from the eternal love birds. Here's what we learned.

Love Lessons from the Obamas

Hold hands

The Obamas presented a joint and loving front, holding hands through the entire interview. You could almost hear harps strike up every time they lovingly gazed at each other. The couple's 20th anniversary will coincide with the first presidential debate. They will celebrate at a later time.

Have daily rituals

Being tucked in at night is a big deal for the Obamas. Because Michelle goes to sleep earlier than her hubbie, Barack always tucks her in. Co-host Sherri Shepherd tried to investigate further, possibly to take the conversation in a naughty direction. Ever the lady, Mrs. O. quipped that such things are private.

Be loving but frank

This is a hard one to pull off. Most couples can't criticize each other in public without sounding like "The Bickersons." Somehow, Mr. and Mrs. Obama can do so with loving ease. Mrs. Obama sweetly cut the president off when he was being long-winded with an "I'll vote for you!" The president said that Michelle lacked the temperament for politics, and she agreed, citing her lack of patience. Tread softly in this area, folks.

All in all, it was a wonderful episode. It's about 40 days to Election Day. No matter who you vote for, just vote!

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