'Pretty Little Liars': Will Aria swap Ezra for Wes?

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Some interesting side stories have emerged on "Pretty Little Liars" over recent weeks. One that has made an impact is the story of Ezra's (Ian Harding) secret child. While Ezra has left Rosewood to meet little Malcolm for the first time, Ezra's younger brother, Wes (Gregg Sulkin), has moved into his apartment. With Aria (Lucy Hale) also hanging out there, the pair are starting to form a close bond, and now they have shared a very sneaky kiss! Could Wes steal his brother's girl?

Things between Aria and Ezra have never been smooth sailing. In fact, for most of their relationship, they had to sneak around. Even when they finally revealed the truth, Aria's parents were livid about the age gap -- not to mention that Ezra used to be Aria's teacher. With so many things that could have split them up, they managed to hold on to their relationship.

Enter Wes. When Ezra's younger, cute brother arrived on the scene, it wasn't immediately clear whether or not he'd be trouble. As it turns out, he's a sweetheart who is tired of his super rich mother throwing money at every problem in their lives. Aria and Wes hit it off right away, and it's starting to look like Wes has a little bit of a crush on his brother's girlfriend.

Even though Aria's love for Ezra hasn't wavered, his absence might prove to be a problem -- especially since there is a younger version of him by her side.

Wes is by far the more obvious person for Aria to be with. He's younger, he's good looking, and he's sweet. He is literally a mini Ezra. However, after everything Rosewood's most controversial couple has been through, it's hard to imagine anything coming between them.

Ezra has always been everything Aria ever wanted. Mostly, it was his maturity she was drawn to, and that is one thing he'll always have over Wes. The only potential problem on the horizon is the chance that Ezra's old feelings for Maggie (Larisa Oleynik) might re-surface as he spends more time with her. Considering how quickly he left town, this isn't a completely impossible scenario. Taking into account the fact that he still loved Maggie when his mother paid her to stay out of his life forever, we could end up with a very awkward situation.

"Pretty Little Liars" executive producer, Marlene King, cryptically said, "They (Ezria) do have some happy times in 3B; I'll say that." The key word in that sentence is "some." Whether this will spell the complete end of Aria and Ezra, we can't know for sure, but it sounds like there will be a few more bumps in the road for them soon.

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