'Pretty Little Liars': Three questions from the winter premiere trailer

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The winter premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" is just a few weeks away, and the new teaser trailer is out! The small glimpses inside the second half of Season 3 don't give much away, but after watching it carefully a few times, there are some mysteries to be solved. Here are three burning questions that come from the new preview of "Pretty Little Liars."

Is Mona still "A"?

Mona (Janel Parrish) is back in Rosewood, supposedly "all better" after her stay in the psychiatric hospital. If her behavior in the first half of the season is anything to judge by, that girl still has a long way to go before she's back to her old self! However, she's back at school now, and the pretty little liars still seem very wary of her. The question is, is she still "A"? We know Toby (Keegan Allen) is a big part of the "A" team, but since Mona got caught, it will be much harder for her to fool the girls she tormented. In the preview, she wears the famous black hoodie, but it's hard to see how she can continue her reign of terror when her secret has already been exposed.

How will Spencer cope with Toby's betrayal?

The new trailer shows Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby getting closer than ever. For the first time in her life, Spencer let herself be vulnerable, so when she finds out Toby is "A," how will she cope? We know someone will find out Toby's secret in the upcoming episodes, but we don't know who or how. When Spencer learns the truth, there is no doubt that she'll be devastated, but will she crumble or fight harder than ever? It would be awesome to see the return of feisty, no-nonsense Spencer, but after such a huge betrayal, will she have any fight left?

Ali's back

It's been a while since Ali (Sasha Pieterse) has appeared on the show in real time and not in a flashback. But she's back in the present, this time with Aria (Lucy Hale). So far, Aria has been the only one not to have had a visit from her in the present, so it will be interesting to see how it all comes about. In the clip, Ali says, "You know why I chose you, right?" The "Aria is A" theorists will have a field day with that comment, but it's unlikely a preview would give away something so big. So what is she doing? And what does she mean? It's plausible that, as Ali left Aria until last, she has something big planned. It might also have some link to the fact that Aria's father, Byron (Chad Lowe), is now the latest suspect in Ali's murder.
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