The Princess and the Pauper in ‘Corazón Apasionado’

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Patricia Campos and Armando Marcano have quickly fallen into the stereotypes of the princess and the pauper in "Corazón Apasionado." The show wants to make sure that viewers do not miss the allusions by having Armando nickname Patricia his princess.

The Class Differences are Hard to Ignore.

Episode 1 already established the class differences between Patricia Campos and Armando Marcano. Patricia is the wealthy granddaughter of Ursula Campos who owns a large estate. The unemployed Armando is hired as the foreman for the property. "Corazón Apasionado" provides details of their backgrounds to showcase their different upbringings.

Ursula's Fear for Her Granddaughters

Ursula's main fear is Patricia falling in love with the impoverished Armando. She does not want her granddaughter to repeat her mother's mistake and destroy her life with a man who is not worthy of her. Ursula is frigid and strict because she wants to protect Patricia. In addition, her concern stretches to her other granddaughters, Marielita and Virginia, who she also watches carefully.

The Past Explains the Present.

Ursula's fears are based on a foundation of problems that her daughter faced after marrying the wrong men. Her last husband, Bruno Montesinos, was poor and had a gambling problem. After her daughter died, Ursula allowed Bruno and her granddaughters to move into her home. Although she often bailed him out of his money problems, Bruno continued to accumulate debts. He was willing to sell Patricia to one of the men who threatened him over an unpaid debt. Ursula intervened, saved Patricia, and sent Bruno to jail. However, her greatest fear is that Patricia will make the same mistakes in choosing a husband.

The Princess and the Pauper

"Corazón Apasionado" frequently uses the stereotypes of the princess and the pauper to frame the relationship of Patricia and Armando. Some of Ursula's residual brainwashing is still visible as Patricia notes that Armando can never be her equal. Armando has protested that he is not interested in her money, inheritance, or the estate. However, years of Ursula's admonitions are difficult to break.

Pushing the Stereotypes Too Far

Sometimes "Corazón Apasionado" pushes the stereotypes of the princess and the pauper too far. Armando's new habit of calling Patricia his princess is an unnecessary and constant reminder of their differences. Viewers do not need nicknames to remember their positions in society because "Corazón Apasionado" has made them perfectly clear throughout the entire show.

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