Will Priya Return on 'The Big Bang Theory'?

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Surprisingly, Priya was never actually meant to be a major character on "The Big Bang Theory." Originally, she was supposed to be a simple fling for Leonard. However, she went over so well, she was quickly brought back for a more lasting role as Leonard's girlfriend. On the season finale, the two broke up. So where does this leave Priya?

Coming Back?

At the moment, Aarti Mann (Priya) isn't sure if she'll be invited back to the show for Season 5. Her other offers came suddenly, often within a few weeks of shooting. Since she isn't a main character, she isn't under contract and may not know her fate on the show until filming begins again.

Is there actually room for her character? After the breakup, there's really little for her to do. However, the character could come back and give Penny some real competition. Seeing the two fight over Leonard would definitely be worth watching.

Changing with the Show

Mann never studied comedy and was actually a more serious actor. It was her ability to adapt to the show and Priya's character that has kept her as a worthy antagonist in "The Big Bang Theory." Her character keeps changing and she's done well to keep up with all the various changes. Since her character actually came into being thanks to Kaley Cuoco's broken leg, there is no telling where the show's producers will decide to go next.

What Mann Wants

So what does Aarti Mann want to do? According to Cape Cod Online, she actually wants to return to her more serious acting roots. She also would love to get back into commercials. According to Mann, they are easier and fun, not to mention they pay really well. This isn't to say she doesn't want to come back. At the moment, she's just choosing to keep her options open until she receives notice one way or the other.

Possible Story Lines

In all honesty, Priya could stick around as a character similar to Penny. Though Penny doesn't necessarily match the group, she adds a dynamic that works. The same could be said for Priya. Adding a lawyer to the group would liven things up even more.

Since her parents are not thrilled with her relationship with Leonard, it's possible Priya will still choose to stay with Raj temporarily. This would drag her into the circle of friends. With Leonard out of the picture, Penny and Priya may even be able to get along, giving Penny a somewhat normal friend.

Have we seen the last of Priya? Doubtful. She'll be back, but for how long is anyone's guess.

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