'Project Runway': Celebs who would make unlikely (but awesome) judges

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"Project Runway" just wouldn't be the same without the core judges of Heidi, Nina, and Michael Kors. And yet, every episode also benefits from some fresh blood in the form of that episode's guest judge. Over the years, celebs like Brooke Shields, Victoria Beckham, Nicky Hilton, and Natalie Portman have filled the role and given feedback on designs both good and bad. With "Project Runway" still going strong, here are some unlikely candidates for a guest judge spot on the show. Despite how unlikely it is that they'd be asked to judge, these celebs would bring some truly unique dynamics to the show.

Bruce Willis

No one really thinks of Bruce Willis as a fashion plate. However, many people forget that he wore costumes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for his role in "The Fifth Element." If the designers were tasked with creating a costume for a sci-fi film project, Willis could actually provide a lot of insight. In addition, he'd be a bit of a fish out of water, which could create some interesting tension.

Helen Mirren

There are few British actresses of Mirren's generation that can best her when it comes to fitness, fashion, or talent. Mirren would bring a sense of maturity, elegance, and poise to the "Runway" proceedings, which can so often degenerate into catfights and trainwrecks. "PR" could benefit from the perspective of an older woman, particularly for any red carpet dress challenge.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is arguably too big, too weird, and too busy to ever lend her time to "Project Runway." However, it would be sure to bring in plenty of viewers, and she would be a good choice for any challenge using unusual materials or avant-garde styles. However, Tim Gunn has flatly rejected the possibility in the past.

"You know I have a great respect for Lady Gaga, I do, and I love her work. I don't think of what she wears as being fashion," he said, adding, "I think of it more as being fashion and wearable art. Those aren't real clothes, and if you saw them on anyone other than Lady Gaga you'd say, 'This is ridiculous!'"

Seth MacFarlane

"Project Runway" simply doesn't have enough male guest judges. Based on his experience roasting celebs, Seth could absolutely skewer any design that comes down the runway and looks bad. He'd also be a good person to tap for a menswear challenge. He might even offer some critiques in the voice of Stewie or Peter.

Perez Hilton

Seriously, how has one of the most notable celeb and fashion commentators out there never been tapped for a guest judge spot? Imagine the cattiness that could ensue!
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