‘Project Runway’ challenges using recycled and eco-friendly fabrics

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Despite the limited budgets for each challenge, many "Project Runway" contestants still gravitate toward luxurious fabrics. But every once in a while, the show proves a commitment to "green" living by using eco-friendly or recycled fabrics during a challenge. From environment-friendly fabrics to reinvented garments, these "Runway" challenges are green all the way.

Green dress for the red carpet

In a recent episode of "All Stars," the designers were brought to the High Line park and instructed to create a "green" dress for a red carpet event. Using prints and solid fabrics that were certified as eco-friendly, the designers were also allowed to augment their look with fabric trimmings that had been discarded by other designers in past challenges.

Sadly, Althea was eliminated during this challenge, while Laura Kathleen won and got the chance to have Carolyn Murphy wear her dress on the red carpet!

Cocktail dresses for a cause

In the Season 5 episode "Grass is Always Greener," the designers were asked to put together a cocktail dress made entirely from eco-friendly or environmentally conscious fabrics from Mood. The models were the clients in this episode, which predictably lead to some tension in the workroom. The winning garment, made by Suede, was later sold on Bluefly.com, while Wesley was eliminated.

Always the bridesmaid

In a challenge that took real creativity, the Season 8 designers were tasked with creating a new look from an old bridesmaid dress in the episode "You Can Totally Wear That Again." Michael C. won the challenge, which was partially determined by the voting public. However, it was pretty controversial: Ivy complained that Michael C. told voters not to vote for her design. Meanwhile, poor Peach got the boot.

Clothes off your back

In the second season episode "Clothes Off Your Back," the designers were told they had to create a recycled garment by using the clothes off their back -- literally! This makes the designers pretty angry, as many of them got dressed to the nines to party in, and subsequently had to cut up some of their favorite clothes, especially Nick. Andrae had a panic attack on the runway, Chloe scored the win, and Kirsten (who didn't want to chop up a family heirloom scarf) was eliminated.
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