‘Project Runway’ Partnerships: What Should These Memorable Contestants Do Next?

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For the most talented contestants, life after "Project Runway" is filled with opportunities for lucrative partnerships and endorsements. Christian Siriano, in particular, partnered with a number of big brands. He worked with Payless ShoeSource to design shoes and handbags, designed a gift card for Starbucks, partnered with Victoria's Secret to produce makeup, and assisted LG in the design of the LG Lotus.

But other past "Project Runway" contestants haven't taken on nearly as many partnerships. That's a shame, because many fans want to see their favorite contestants in the limelight once more. Here are some ideas for partnerships that would be perfect for some of the most popular contestants in "Runway" history.

Anya Ayoung-Chee, Season 9 winner

Ideal partnership: Designing athletic wear for Olympic Athletes from Trinidad and Tobago

Ayoung-Chee holds dual American and Trinidadian citizenship, and was actually named Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008. There would be no better "brand ambassador" for the country, and it makes sense that Anya would be given the honor of designing for Trinidad and Tobago's Olympic team. She could design not only athletic wear, but formal wear for the athletes, as well (suitable for press events or ceremonial gatherings).

Kayne Gillaspie, fifth runner-up on Season 3

Ideal partnership:

Judging Miss America or Miss Universe Pageants

Kayne has a long history of designing and selecting gowns for various pageants. However, it seems that he has never been given the chance to judge a pageant. He's charismatic enough to judge a major televised competition and definitely has the experience to know a good pageant contestant from a bad one. Plus, it would be great exposure for his own line of gowns.

Dmitry Sholokhov, Season 10 winner

Ideal partnership:

Designing costumes for the New York City Ballet

Before Dmitry Sholokhov won Season 10 with his unique, architectural designs, he was a professional ballroom dancer. So it's only natural that Dmitry should seek to partner with a prestigious performing arts organization, such as the New York City Ballet. It would be great press for the ballet and a wonderful way for Dmitry to blend his background in both dance and fashion.

Seth Aaron Henderson, Season 7 winner

Ideal partnership:

Creating a line for Timberland

Seth Aaron's past collections have featured sustainable fabrics, including fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. It would make sense for him to partner with Timberland, a company that is already committed to transparent, sustainable practices. With a diverse catalogue of footwear, clothing, and accessories, Seth Aaron could add his signature flair to Timberland's sometimes staid designs.

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