‘Project Runway’ recap: ‘In a Place Far, Far Away’

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It's down to the wire on "Project Runway" with the remaining five designers each battling for a spot at Fashion Week. All of the remaining competitors are strong designers, but each have their own flaws that could keep them from making it to the next level. With one more challenge to go, who will move on to Fashion Week?

The Challenge

This week the designers were asked to create an avant-garde look based on L'Oreal's new make-up line, Electric Fanstasie (yes, that is how it is spelled). The make-up is broken down into four types: the Enchanted Queen, the Seductive Temptress, the Artistic Muse, and the Wise Mystic. Each designer was randomly given one of the types to work with, but since there were five, one had to be repeated. Here is how it went down:

Seductive Temptress: Sonjia

Enchanted Queen: Fabio and Christopher

Artistic Muse: Melissa

Wise Mystic: Dmitry

So basically the designers now have two days to design something that usually takes a month. You can almost feel the break downs happening before they even get started.

The Runway

Although there were no train wrecks in the runway show, there were still some things that made the judges head spin. First was Sonjia's green dress, which did fit the Seductive Temptress, but looked kind of messy and just thrown together at the last minute. Guest judge Zoe Saldana hit the nail on the head when she called the front pieces napkins, although Heidi thought it was the kind of dress someone could wear on the red carpet.

Christopher's dress did have the Enchanted Queen part down, but this time it appeared that he went a little too literal, especially with those feather arm pieces, which Michael Kors likened to arm hair. It was still very well made and offered up a bit of fantasy that was lacking in some of the other looks.

Fabio, who had the other Enchanted Queen, made a stunning jacket (which could be turned upside down), but the rest was kind of confusing. He does take chances though, which means that if he went to Fashion Week, the audience could get something that not only tells a story but also has visual appeal.

Dmitry made a suit that the judges loved. While it was impeccably made, it really did not scream Wise Mystic through the television screen, nor did it seem avant-garde (save the neck, which was the only piece that the judges did not like).

Melissa made the best outfit, hands down, with a stunning coral jacket that was the centerpiece of her Artistic Muse. She was the only one who truly pinned down her character, though the judges were once again divided, with Heidi going so far as to call the outfit ugly.

Winner: Dmitry

Out: Sonjia

So there you have it; Melissa, Fabio, Christopher, and Dmitry will be moving on to Fashion Week. Or will they? We'll have to watch next week to find out.

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