'Project Runway' Season 10: Sizing up the remaining designers

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After Alicia Hardesty's exit from "Project Runway" on Sept. 6, there are only eight designers remaining. Here's a rundown of who's left on "Project Runway," as well as their chances of making it to Fashion Week.


A lot of the other designers (particularly Dmitry) cannot stand this loud and abrasive personality, but it seems that the audience is responding to her tell-it-like-it-is persona with over 40 percent of the fan favorite vote. As a designer, she does have high ambitions and definitely does try to think outside the box, however her "I only create art" attitude sometimes leads to her downfall. If she can combine that drive with a less negative attitude, she might be able to keep herself out of the bottom again.


Oh, Ven. You had us in your corner until your unfortunate run-in with your "plus-size" model. After that, it really didn't matter that your constructions were truly stunning since it was simply hard to get past anyone treating another human being so horribly. But even if he hadn't put us off with his total lack of people skills, Ven still runs the risk of losing simply because that same fan-like pattern keeps appearing in almost everything that he does. The judges may love it once or twice, but anymore would be overkill.


Like Ven, Dmitry talks a good game when it comes to his designs, but we seem to get the same thing over and over again. As Nina Garcia pointed out, we have seen his dress before. That is not to say that he does not make them well, but if he wants to win it all, he'll have to pull something truly different out of his arsenal.


Sonjia knows how to make clothes, but as evidenced by her breakdown a couple of episodes back, she may put too much pressure on herself, which could spell trouble if she had to make an entire collection. That is a shame, because she has some great talent that could take her far.


Gunnar is very hit or miss, but when he does his thing, he truly knocks it out of the park. Not convinced, then just go back and take a look at the two dresses he made from the most recent challenge. They were truly stunning and very well made. Hopefully he can ride on that creativity and not become too cocky, which could lead to being "auf'd" by the judges.


Christopher seems to be the front-runner of the season and with good reason. He can design the heck out of something when he really wants to. He also knows how to manipulate tough fabrics, as evidenced by the recent trench coat he made. As long as he keeps up his skills without giving into pressure, he could run away with the whole thing.


Melissa can be thought of as a dark horse. Fans really didn't see her coming, but, man, she has really pulled out all the stops recently. The judges seem to love someone that comes out of the woodwork like that and might find herself at Fashion Week (and even winning) if she continues to wow them with her designs.


If we had to choose between Fabio and Melissa, it would be a tough call. They have both won challenges and have been in the bottom the same number of times. It's really tough to pick between the two because they have different aesthetics, so ultimately it will be up to the judges' taste to see which one of them would pull further ahead.

Who would you like to see win Season 10 of "Project Runway"?

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