'Project Runway All Stars': The best and the worst of 'An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas'

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Ah, the unconventional challenge; the one where many designers on "Project Runway All Stars" can shine or where they will serve up an epic fail. This time around, the designers had to use Christmas items for an outfit, making sure that the outfit did not look like Christmas. Some did succeed; however, the runway was a bit disappointing, especially since the top dresses looked similar to each other. Here's a look at the best and worst of "An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas."

The Good

Anthony Ryan

Despite the correct criticism by guest judge La La (the snowflakes really did scream Christmas), Anthony Ryan's dress was a wonder of construction. Each detail was perfectly mapped out, as if he had a plan and really stuck to it. There could have been a bit more pop with some color, but when you are working with a hemline that's challenging, color is probably the last thing on a designer's mind.


The winner of the challenge, Uli stuck to her guns and continued using trimmings in order to make a great design. Her colors went well together (the silver and gold), and although the dress was very detailed, Uli made a wise decision to use sheer panels for the sides of the dress. That added a softness to the outfit that otherwise might have a little too heavy (as it did in the back). Georgina was right, though, the side could have done without the seam, but it was still a great choice.

Laura Kathleen

Laura's design made the top three, though the judges had a strong point in saying that some of the embellishments looked like they were thrown on as an afterthought. It was a good dress, just not very exciting. Too bad, though, because it would have been a classic moment to see Laura Kathleen's reaction to winning the watch.

The Bad


Once again, Ivy had a great idea, but the execution just didn't match the ambition. The thought of using the garland as fringe was rather clever, but the whole dress was brought down by the awful color choice. The gold just felt too heavy and did not have a fun, youthful feel to it (although Isaac referred to the hem as junior). The judges kept her in because they feel she can do better, but Ivy really needs to start stepping it up like she did in the beginning of the competition if she wants to win.


It's really hard to feel bad for Joshua, isn't it? After all, his multi-colored top was very well done, but poor planning took its toll when it came to the shorts. Perhaps if he wasn't so distracted by the shiny objects, he would have been able to see that he needed some type of fabric (but not those awful ribbons that Emilio had). Hopefully he thinks this stuff through next time, because despite the attitude, Joshua is quite talented.


Poor Casanova; his design was a case of too many ideas and not enough follow through. You could almost feel the pain in his design, which was his third attempt at a look. The ropey-thingy at the top was actually quite nice and would have been a hit had he stuck to that inspiration. Unfortunately the rest just didn't mesh well, especially since it was just bits and pieces taken from the other designers. Overall, the design was not innovative enough, which is why he went home.

What do you think? Who was the best and worst of "An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas"?

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