‘Project Runway All Stars’ recap: The best and the worst from ‘Up Your Aerosol’

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On the Nov. 8 episode of "Project Runway All Stars," the designers had to make "wearable art" out of fabric that they decorate with spray paint. The idea was to come up with something that not only can be worn out in public, but also hung up in a museum. The show brought in some of the world's best graffiti artists to give pointers on painting techniques. Naturally, some designers were spot on, while others went in some interesting directions (not necessarily a good thing). Here is a look at some of the best and the worst from "Up Your Aerosol."

The Best


Emilio took this challenge to heart and took the time to think about his look. His jacket -- with its mix of orange, yellow, and black -- really looked like an old school denim jacket, while the matching bottom reminded the audience that this was still a work of art. It was a clever balance, one that could be worn by any woman who wants something a bit funky and stylish for her wardrobe.


The idea behind Ivy's garment was excellent, especially when she wanted to evoke the essence of a female superhero. However, despite a nice touch in the back of her jacket, it was still something that has been done before. This season, Ivy has shown that with some focus she can really produce great work, but she still needs to challenge herself a bit further.

Anthony Ryan

At first glance, Anthony Ryan's purple and black stripped dress might have appeared to miss the mark, but if you look at it a bit more closely, it was actually a subtle interpretation on graffiti art.

The Worst


Kayne's look was ambitious, and he really tried to make his multicolored gown a work of art. However, there was simply too much going on, and the black velvet did not flatter his models figure. In fact, it made her look like she had a wide mid-section. If he had shown some restraint, he might have had something there.

Laura Kathleen

Does anyone remember Laura Kathleen being such a you-know-what? For all her talk about talent, you wouldn't know it from the piece she sent down the runway. It was not horrible; in fact, it was kind of pretty on the top. It was just not art. Plus the bottom, with the length and the hem, was simply a mess.


He who refers to himself in the third person did the exact opposite of Laura Kathleen by sending down an ambitious work of art that no woman would ever want to wear. Plus, the circles cut-outs were just horrendous, making his dress look like a craft project.

Winner: Emilio

Out: Suede

Who did you think had the best and worst looks?

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