'Project Runway All Stars': And the Winner Is...

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The cream of the crop has risen, with the three remaining designers showing off their looks on the "Project Runway All Stars" finale. But after four days and six looks, who became the ultimate champion?


Naturally a runway show has to have at least one snafu, which Michael learned rather quickly when he declared that his work was done. While he frantically tried to get a snap that was six inches too wide in place, Austin was having drama of his own, racing against the clock to finish a dress minutes before he was to go on. Mondo, surprisingly, was the calm one, with his only uncomfortable moment occurring when Joanna Coles rolled him over with a lint brush. It was a kind of cute though, to see Joanna go all motherly on him. That was the kind of warmth that seemed to be missing a bit all season, but it was great to see her finally lighten up a bit.

The Looks

The judges were quite on the money this time around, which was very surprising. Though Austin's looks were obviously well made (with some quite stunning), it lacked a cohesive feel throughout. Mondo's theme was spot on, with the whole "Therapy" concept vividly coming to life in each piece. Yet, the judges did have a point; his work was a little too cutesy with the details, and they did not always jive with the overall feel of his line.

Michael by far had the most commercial of the three, which divided the judges. Some thought it was fantastic that his looks could be placed in any store right after the competition (which does not always happen with his work), while others thought his line's ready-to-wear sensibility made the whole concept look cheap, taking away the fantasy. In the end, the naysayers won, with Michael coming in third.

The Winner

With Austin and Mondo standing side by side, the announcement of the winner became a little bit anti-climactic. Perhaps if Michael had been left instead of Austin, there would have been a bit more intensity to the decision, especially given how good of friends he and Mondo are. But even though you knew it was coming, hearing Mondo's name called out did bring a sigh of relief; a sort of redemption for being robbed during his season. To be honest, it would have been nice to have seen Austin win, as well. Not necessarily because he deserved it over Mondo, but because he truly needed the money to help his mom from becoming homeless. Hopefully he will still find a way.

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