What 'Psych' fans must know before Season 7 premieres

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Good news, "Psych" fans! Your favorite show is about to return from its long hiatus. The seventh season of "Psych" is set to premiere on Feb. 27 on USA. The season will run for 16 episodes. Even if you're all caught up on the show's previous episodes, there are still a few things that "Psych" fans should know going into Season 7.

The premiere will tie directly into the Season 6 finale

The Season 6 finale was entitled "Santabarbaratown," a nod to the cinema classic "Chinatown." In the finale, Shawn's father, Henry, gets shot. The Season 7 premiere is entitled "Santabarbaratown 2," suggesting that the premiere will pick right back up where the previous season left off. Henry's gunshot wound too gritty for you? Rumor says there will be a lighthearted musical episode later in the season to look forward to!

Gus is getting a new love interest

While it is unlikely she will stick around for good, unlucky-in-love Gus is getting a love interest this season. The lovely Parminder Nagra will appear in at least one episode as Rachael, a beautiful woman with a secret who Gus falls head over heels for. Gus hasn't had much luck with the ladies in the past, but perhaps this will change. With no regular TV roles to hold her back at the moment, Nagra could find a recurring role on "Psych."

The 100th episode is coming!

The fifth episode of Season 7 will be a big occasion: the 100th episode of "Psych." Little is known about the episode, save for one very cool piece of information. The 100th episode will be inspired by the board game (and cult favorite movie) "Clue." Is it too much to hope that former "Psych" guest star Tim Curry will make an appearance, perhaps reprising his role from "American Duos"? At the very least, Christopher Lloyd should have a cameo.

Big guests are coming!

There are two guest stars slated who have "Psych" fans super excited. Juliet's step-father will make an appearance, and he will be played by Jeffrey Tambor. Here's hoping the episode features an "evil twin" in homage to "Arrested Development."

But arguably even more exciting is the news that Anthony Michael Hall will guest star as Harris Trout, an efficiency expert hired by the mayor to overhaul the police department. This casting has great comedic potential: Before appearing on "Psych," Hall starred on "The Dead Zone," another USA series about a crime-solving psychic.

There will be an eighth (and final?) season

The show has already been renewed for an eighth season. However, it is worth noting that the show was renewed for only eight episodes: half of a normal season. This could mean one of two things. Either USA is planning to end the series with Season 8, or the network is just being cautious with their renewals and plans to order another eight episodes for Season 8 based on Season 7's ratings.
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