‘Psych’ Season 7 is almost here! In the meantime, do you know about these other TV psychics?

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"Psych" fans, the long wait is nearly over. Season 7 of USA's beloved detective comedy series will premiere on Feb. 27. One of the most anticipated episodes of this 16-episode season will feature guest star Anthony Michael Hall as Harris Trout, an efficiency expert hired by the mayor to overhaul the police department.

It's a clever bit of stunt casting: Hall's best-known TV role was arguably Johnny Smith on "The Dead Zone," another USA series about a crime-solving psychic. In honor of "Psych's" return and Hall's guest appearance, here's a rundown of some of the other notable TV psychics from years past. Some had real talent, while others were just frauds.

Patrick Jane, "The Mentalist"

Many "Psych" fans dislike "The Mentalist," arguing that the latter is a ripoff of the basic "Psych" premise. There's even a bit of a jab about the "copycat" nature of "The Mentalist" in the "Psych" episode "Extradition: British Columbia." That being said, however, Patrick Jane is a long-lived, iconic TV character in his own right. Between those three-piece suits and his dark backstory, Jane's pseudo-psychic schtick is pretty endearing.

Sebastian Ballentine, "Law & Order: SVU"

In what was one of the most memorable guest appearances on "SVU," beloved comedian Martin Short played Sebastian Ballentine. While Ballentine seemed to have real insight on a series of attacks against young women, it wasn't because he was psychic. Though he claims to be a psychic, his insight comes from the fact that he actually perpetrated these brutal crimes. Those who knew Short from comic roles were shaken by his mastery of such a dark role.

Allison DuBois, "Medium"

This list has been a little testosterone heavy thus far, so it's only fair to focus for a bit on the lovely Allison DuBois, who solved crimes as a consultant for the Phoenix DA's office. Blessed with a whole array of psychic powers from precognition to telepathy to talking with the dead, the character is based on a real-life medium of the same name. Allison was notable for the fact that she shared her gift with her young daughters.

Daphne Moon, "Frasier"

Remember when Daphne claimed to be a psychic once an episode? Thankfully that element of the series was toned down a bit! Daphne did appear to have a few legitimate moments of psychic insight during the show's run, however. That being said, a real psychic probably should have picked up on the fact that Frasier's brother had a crush on her for years.
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