'Psych' Series Finale: Which Fan-Favorite Characters Should Return?

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While Season 7 of "Psych" is airing now, the eighth season of this popular USA comedy is already being filmed. The premiere date for Season 8 has yet to be set, but it is likely to be sometime in 2014.

Even though the "Psych" series finale is more than a year away, it's never too soon to start building a wish list of fan-favorite characters that should return for the finale episode. From antagonists to love interests, these characters really ought to make an appearance for "Psych's" sendoff.

Pierre Despereaux

This character, played by Cary Elwes, is utterly fascinating, charming, and even a bit sexy. He and Shawn have a long history and a friendly rivalry, and it just wouldn't be a finale without him. If he doesn't appear in the finale episode, he at least needs to appear during the final season.

Abigail Lytar

As long as Yang is behind bars, there's no reason that Abigail couldn't come back into Shawn's life. And if Jules and Shawn's personal relationship remains on the rocks, re-introducing Abigail could be a pretty interesting catalyst for Shawn's love life.

Mr. Yang

The Yang episodes are always the strongest episodes of the season, so it makes sense for "Psych" to go out with a bang. Yang's return would ensure that any lingering questions about her past with Shawn would get answered.

Uncle Jack

Nobody plays a lovable jerk as well as Steven Weber, which is why Uncle Jack needs to appear in the series finale. Who knows? Uncle Jack might just redeem himself to Shawn after years of bad behavior.

Madeleine Spencer

Shawn's mom simply has to return for the series finale! The finale is likely to be a star-studded event, and Cybil Shepard is definitely a star.

Frank O'Hara

If the show ends with a wedding between Shawn and Jules, then Juliet's dad will have to be there. William Shatner is always entertaining when he's a guest star, and he'd be another big name for a big finale event.


Chad was the character that Shawn played when he went undercover on the set of the telenovela "Explosion Gigantesca de Romance." If the series ends with Shawn hanging up his detective hat for good, he could fall back on his acting career. Plus, bringing back Chad means fans could see the return of Saul Rubinek as the telenovela's head writer Lance and Alex Meneses as telenovela actress Quintessa Gabriel.
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