‘Psych’ stars who also appeared on ‘Warehouse 13’

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Fans of USA's wacky comedy "Psych" love the procedural elements of the program, but fans of this relatively straightforward show may not watch a lot of science fiction. That's a shame, because a recent episode of the SyFy series "Warehouse 13" featured two big stars from "Psych."

The "Warehouse 13" episode "No Pain, No Gain" featured the talents of Timothy Omundson (Lassie on "Psych"), as well as Kirsten Nelson, who plays Chief Vick on "Psych." Fans familiar with the two actors from their tenure on "Psych" are sure to enjoy seeing a different side of Omundson and Nelson on "Warehouse 13." In particular, Nelson gets to flex a very different set of acting muscles, as she plays a character who is a bit deranged.

Funny enough, there have been a whole host of "Psych" stars over the years who have also had roles on "Warehouse 13." Former "Star Trek: Voyager" star Jeri Ryan played Dr. Kimberly Phoenix in the "Psych" homage to "Jaws": an episode called "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode." Ryan went on to star in a "Warehouse 13" episode called "Queen for a Day," where she played Pete's ex-wife.

Another actor who appeared in "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode" was Michael Hogan, perhaps best known for playing Saul Tigh on "Battlestar Galactica." In addition to appearing on "Psych," Hogan also played Warren Bering, Myka's father, on a "Warehouse 13" episode back in 2009.

Actress Ashley Williams, best known for playing Victoria on "How I Met Your Mother," also appeared on "Psych." Williams played Trish Connors in "Forget Me Not," but had a far meatier role on "Warehouse 13." There, she played traitorous FBI investigator Sally Stukowski in a four-episode arc.

Finally, actor Saul Rubinek appeared as Lance in the telenovela-inspired "Psych" episode "Lights, Camera…Homicidio." Rubinek has a long, storied career as an actor, with some of his most memorable roles being Donny (Daphne's fiance) on "Frasier," Victor Dubenich on "Leverage," and Dr. Saul Funkhouser on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Rubinek is also the star of "Warehouse 13," where he plays team leader and experienced investigator Artie Nielsen.

With so many "Psych" stars also appearing on "Warehouse 13," TV fans who don't generally gravitate towards sci-fi should seriously consider checking out this SyFy original series. Currently in its fourth season, "Warehouse 13" airs Monday nights on SyFy. "Warehouse 13" is also available to watch via Netflix's streaming video service.

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