'Psych' Viewers' Choice Episode Revealed: 3 Reasons to Get Excited

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At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, the creative team behind "Psych" announced the winner of the Viewers' Choice Episode voting. There had been three scripts in contention: "Telethon," "Food Truck," and "Dream Therapy." Based on viewer votes, the winning script is "Dream Therapy," which will be called "Nightmare on State St." going forward.

Here's a rundown of the episode as it was pitched on the Viewers' Choice Episode voting site -- which has since been taken down: "In the episode, an exhausted Gus enters dream therapy to understand the cause of his recent night terrors. But after this, nothing is ever again what it seems. He soon realizes that in dreams, no one can hear you scream!"

There were three very strong episodes in contention for the Viewers' Choice spot, but fans should be really excited for "Nightmare on State St." Here are three compelling reasons why this was the best choice.

1. The director

"Nightmare on State St." will be directed by series star James Roday, who previously directed the episodes "Mr. Yin Presents…" and "Heeeeere's Lassie." Those were some of the best episodes of the series, and it's clear that Roday is as talented behind the camera as he is in front of it. With Roday at the helm, this project is already in good hands.

2. The horror movie homages

"Psych" is at its best when there are equal parts terror and comedy. Episodes like "Tuesday the 17th" or "Heeeeere's Lassie" are proof that the "Psych" sweet spot is all about busting out horror movie homages. An homage to "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is bound to be pretty entertaining. Maybe the show can snag "Elm Street" stars Robert Englund or Amanda Wyss as guests for the episode!

3. The Gus-centric storyline

All too often, the spotlight shines on Shawn Spencer. But "Psych" is about a partnership between Shawn and Gus, and it's always nice when Gus gets to be the focus of an episode for a change. Plus, the idea that "nothing is ever again what it seems " could foreshadow a major character development for Gus, which will be nice moving into what seems to be the final season of the series. Could the night terrors that Gus experiences be linked to his romantic life... or lack thereof? Here's hoping Gus gets his happy ending soon!

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