Ranking Dexter Morgan’s love interests: Who was best for him?

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Dexter Morgan is the eponymous killer at the heart of Showtime's long-running series "Dexter." Over the years, he has been paired up with a wide variety of women. Some were surprisingly good for him, while others were very, very wrong. With the show nearing its final season, let's take a look back and review all of Dexter's previous flames. Who was best for Dexter, and who is he most likely to end up with by the end of the show?


Rita was with Dexter from the show's first season until her death at the end of Season 4. While Dexter was only dating Rita to avoid appearing like a "creepy loner," he grew to have genuine feelings for her. He cared deeply for her, as well as for her children from a previous marriage and their son together, Harrison.

But as much as he cared for Rita, Dexter never told his wife about his nocturnal activities. It's pretty clear that she would have never approved. Even though they bonded over their shared hope of a "normal life" in the past, their marriage was never going to last. If Dex dies at the end of the series, perhaps they'll reunite in the afterlife…but it's not likely.


Lila was Dexter's love interest in Season 2 when he was on the outs with Rita. The two had a passionate relationship, mostly because Dexter was able to use lingo from drug abuse support meetings to talk somewhat openly about his "Dark Passenger."

However, by the end of the season, Lila had become the enemy. She framed Angel for rape, she killed Sgt. Doakes, and she nearly killed Rita's kids, as well. Her death still stands as one of the most satisfying kills in "Dexter" history.


Dexter met Lumen while investigating the Barrel Girls case and saved her from becoming the Barrel Gang's next victim. Despite the fact that she didn't even appear in every Season 5 episode, she and Dexter quickly former a bond. Lumen was the first woman that Dexter ever shared a kill with, and the two fell deeply in love.

But once every man in the Barrel Gang was dead, Lumen lost her bloodlust and her desire to kill. In an ending that felt forced and rushed to many fans, Lumen left town. She was a great fit for Dex, but she didn't want to go on kills with him anymore. Some fans hope she might come back into the picture someday, but it seems unlikely.


Introduced in the show's seventh season, Hannah McKay actually almost ended up as one of Dexter's kills. However, his animalistic attraction to her got the better of him, and they started a torrid love affair. But when Hannah made a move against Deb, Dexter sided with his sister, and Hannah left town.

The thing about Hannah is that she's perfect for Dexter. She loves to kill, and she utterly supports him and all of his baggage. True, she's dangerous, but Dexter kinda likes that about her. After losing Rita, he's got to like the idea of a woman who can take care of herself.


Deb's the wild card. On the one hand, her Season 6 revelation about her feelings for her adopted brother were widely hated by the show's fanbase. On the other hand, Deb still has feelings for Dex, even after learning everything about his past. Dex doesn't appear to have feelings for her, however.

Here's the weird thing: Deb and Dex are adoptive siblings. Except they might not be. It's known that Dexter's adoptive father Harry (Deb's biological father) was having an affair with Laura Moser (Dexter's mother). What isn't known is just how long the affair went on for. It's possible, though unlikely, that Dex and Deb could actually be related, according to some fan theories.

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