Ray Romano and Lauren Graham talk about their ‘Parenthood’ relationship

Ray Romano and Lauren Graham talk about their ‘Parenthood’ relationship

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Ray Romano as Hank and Lauren Graham as Sarah Braverman on "Parenthood."

Even while Sarah Braverman quickly packs her boxes to move in with her fiance, Mark, trouble is brewing. The fact that in the last installment, the single mom, who frequently makes bad personal choices, kissed her boss, Hank Rizzoli, doesn't help. But that's what makes "Parenthood" so much fun to watch. In a recent conference call interview, Lauren Graham and Ray Romano talked about bringing Sarah and Hank into fans' living rooms.

Sarah Braverman will move in with Mark

Graham acknowledged that her onscreen family is happy to see her settle down with the incredibly nice schoolteacher. And Romano described Hank's reaction to her sudden relocation: "He's not thrown by it, but he's just a little perplexed that she moved in with her boyfriend. But I don't think he's openly going to comment on it or anything."

As for what the change means for Sarah and Hank, Graham revealed that they'll most likely ride the unrequited affection storyline for a bit. She said she expects that they would explore questions such as: "Are there feelings here? Is something going to collapse because of it? Is this just sort of her head being turned, but it's going to be fine?"

Sarah and Hank's relationship will develop slowly

While the producers suss out the impact of the darkroom kiss, tension is likely to build. That's fine with both stars since, as Graham conceded, most real-life relationships take time to develop.

For his part, Romano is enjoying the fact that Hank's personality is being revealed bit by bit as the episodes unfold. Even though, at first, the downbeat photographer seemed to be just a cranky curmudgeon, the nicer aspects of his personality are slowly coming out. Romano conceded, "Lauren's bringing that out. Sarah, I guess, is finding that out. But I like it because I also haven't really played that much. 'Men of a Certain Age,' it wasn't Ray Barone, but it was close to the vest."

Graham and Romano talk about their awkward first kiss

One thing's for sure, there's magical chemistry between the two actors. But that didn't keep them from playing out the honesty of their first uncomfortable kiss. It was something they strove to achieve. Romano, in fact, told Graham he didn't want to lock lips during rehearsal.

Of course, Graham acknowledged that they didn't need any extra help. She said, "It's always awkward, but what I like about it is these loaded moments that are confusing are the most interesting of life. There's all these mixed feelings and hopefully we capture just two people trying to connect."

For his part, Romano acknowledged that the emotion of the scene was easy for him to deliver. He recounted, "That's in my wheelhouse. It's very easy for me to be awkward -- especially around women."

See what unfolds between Sarah and Hank when "Parenthood" airs on Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on NBC.

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