Real-Life Wife: Actresses Who Guest Starred on Their Husbands' TV Shows

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Last November, "Psych" fans were distressed to learn that Dulé Hill had split from his wife, actress and model Nicole Lyn. Like so many other acting wives before her, Lyn had attempted to stay close to her husband during his busy filming schedule by appearing on his show.

Back in 2007, Lyn played the role of Jessica in the "Psych" episode "From the Earth to the Starbucks." Fans will recall that Jessica was a PhD candidate working at an observatory, and that Gus (played by Hill) had a crush on her. She was a suspect in the crime of the week, and Gus blew his chances with her.

Nicole Lyn was far from the first Hollywood wife to try and stay close to her spouse by becoming a guest star on his show. Here are some other wives who acted alongside their husbands on TV.

Jacinda Barrett

Barrett is married to actor Gabriel Macht, who plays the lead role of Harvey Specter on USA's legal drama "Suits." Macht must have been very happy when his real-life wife scored the recurring role of Zoe in Season 2. Given their off-screen chemistry, it was probably pretty easy to show off that same chemistry on-screen.

Francesca Buller

Best known to sci-fi fans as the wife of "Farscape" and "Doctor Who" star Ben Browder, Francesca Buller is a UK-born actress with quite the sci-fi following of her own. The two met while they were both studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and Buller was later cast in multiple roles on "Farscape," allowing her to be near her husband.

Thanks to the presence of multiple alien races on the show, Buller was able to play four different characters on "Farscape," most of which included some heavy makeup or prosthetics. She is arguably best known for her recurring role as Minister Ahkna.

Brooke Adams

Adams is married to Tony Shalhoub and appeared in several episodes of her husband's acclaimed show "Monk." She briefly played a stewardess in Season 1, had a cameo in the show's 100th episode, and played the mother of a kidnapped violinist in the episode "Mr. Monk and the Kid." She also played a sheriff in "Mr. Monks Visits a Farm" and a cat-obsessed woman in "Mr. Monk and the Badge."

Adams got her own moment in the sun, however, when her husband directed her in the 2002 romantic comedy "Made-Up."

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