Recap: 'Revolution' Returns From Hiatus With an Intense Episode (and a Major Death!)

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After a hiatus of several months, NBC's "Revolution" returned on March 25 with an intense episode called "The Stand." The midseason finale ended on quite the cliffhanger: Monroe had just used a pendant amplifier to power a helicopter, which was preparing to fire on Charlie, Miles, and the rest of the gang.

A close call

The helicopter fires on Charlie and her small group of allies (Miles, Nora, Aaron, Danny, and Rachel). They take shelter in the back room of an abandoned diner: When the pilot causes a massive explosion inside the diner, he assumes they've all been killed. However, nobody got hurt, and they high-tail it out of there before the helicopter returns.

Monroe wants to rule the world

It doesn't take long for Monroe to hear news that the explosion at the diner left no bodies behind. He isn't overly concerned with the fate of Miles and the other rebels, however. He has a new toy, and that toy is his helicopter fleet. He orders Major Neville to take out the rebel camps nearby with the choppers. After the rebel threat is no more, Monroe plans to start taking over the former USA, territory by territory. The first strike kills every rebel in a camp in West Chester, Pennsylvania .

Rocket (launcher) man

Charlie and the rest of the Matheson gang aren't far from the rebel camp when it is hit by the choppers. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Rachel is disturbed by her role in all of it: She was the one who gave Monroe an amplifier, after all. She convinces the group to seek the aid of one of her contacts, who just happens to have a stash of rocket launchers.

While Rachel and Miles go to get the rocket launchers, the others travel to the rebel headquarters in Annapolis. The rebels are ready to surrender in the face of the Monroe Militia's superior weaponry, but rocket launchers could just turn the tide.

Traitors abound, both good and bad

It turns out that Rachel's rocket launcher pal, John Sanborn, has a pendant of his own. However, Randall Flynn (the government man behind the project that caused the blackout) has already gotten to him: Sanborn knocks Rachel and Miles out with a sonic device. When they wake up, John cryptically tells Rachel, "Randall got into the tower." Miles gets free, knocks out John, and makes his escape with Rachel. Unfortunately, it seems that Randall is ready to team up with Monroe: a dangerous combination.

Meanwhile, Tom Neville and his son Jason have found the rebel camp and are prepared to call in an airstrike. Jason tries to talk his father out of it, leading to a brutal fight. Tom wins, disowns his son, and tells everyone else that he died. Jason eventually makes contact with Charlie and warns her about the strike. He asks to join the rebels, but Charlie still doesn't trust him.

A shocking death

In the rebel counterattack against the choppers, Danny is killed! After his death, Rachel pulls a small, glowing device out of his body. But how was it able to stay powered without a pendant?
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