‘Revenge’ Season 1 recap, Season 2 preview: Emily’s mother is alive!

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"Revenge" is ready for domination as it moves into the Sunday night time slot vacated by "Desperate Housewives." Check out this Season 1 refresher and get ready for Emily Thorne's new quest.

Emily nearly achieved her ultimate goal and exonerated her father. Victoria, Lydia, and a batch of evidence headed to authorities in D.C., but the "White-Haired Man" tampered with the plane. News reports said the plane crashed and named Victoria as a casualty.

Ditched by Declan, a despondent Charlotte saw the news and took a bunch of pills. Conrad found her listless body, but it wasn't clear if she was dead or unconscious.

Ashley created strife between Daniel and Emily. Later, she consoled the newly single, recovering alcoholic with some liquor.

After completing her mission and ending her relationship with Daniel, Emily was ready to make a love connection with Jack. Too bad a pregnant Amanda was already keeping him company. Jack was excited about "their" baby, but her giant belly raised timeline doubts for some viewers.

Nolan happened to have a backup copy of the evidence destroyed in the plane crash. It proved a group, the Americon Initiative, was responsible for framing Emily's dad and hinted that Emily's mother might be alive.

Season 2 spoilers

"Revenge" returns on Sunday, 9/30, with Emily's mission to find her mother, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. In an interview with TV Line, actress Emily VanCamp revealed her character will have a new love interest, Aidan, who has his own vengeful quest. Ashley and Daniel are together at the beginning of the season, and a homeless Nolan temporarily becomes Emily's new roomie.

Conrad's son with his first wife was set to appear, but the showrunner reportedly shelved that introduction until later in the season. The existing characters and shocking plot twists will surely keep fans entertained until the big reveal.

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